Oh! Dmitri hearts Rose just like Angel hearts Buffy!


I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season III on DVD! And omg Vampire and Supernatural books have so come out of there! I guess you have all made that realization before, considering its ancient! I heard about Buffy, but always thought it was a spoof, but i guess its one of the first Vampire novels!
What made me arrive at this?
The loves story between Buffy and Angel is so much like Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy! Dimitri & Rose fall in love, Dimitri goes bad and Buffy kills him but he come back! And Dimitri and Rose in love, Dimitri turns Strigoi and Rose kills him or does she?! And he is back too! And Scott and Adrian are the poor chaps who love the heroine who can't get over their ex's! Though Adrian's way hotter, has more character, Scott seems boring atleast in the series!
Annd the Fallen Angel thing in Hush Hush! Angel gets dropped down and so does Patch!
I haven't watched enough Buffy and read enough Vampire to go on.. But thats about it so far!
Just had to share! How are the novels though? I quite enjoy the series, but maybe i shall try the books sometime!


  1. Omg. Yeah, they're kind of similar! But unique at the same time! I love buffy and watched it from start to finish but I don't remember who Scott is. O.O Oh well. haha. Dimitri! <3

  2. DITTO!!!
    I've found your blog because of this, he he he, I think that Willow restores Angel's soul the same as Lissa does with Dimitri. Also, Angel suffers and regrest as Dimitri does and the plot is pretty similar. I love Buffy since the first movie and I'm reading Vampire Academy now, so I see the resemblance of the covers and the plots, he he he. I knew I couldn't be the only one ;)


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