Coolest New Designer in Cyber Space- ?

As you would have noticed i got my very own customized blog layout!! *squeeel* 
I heart the header and button very much! Feel free to grab it!:D I am still playing around with my its bound to keep changing every few days...But i haven't made this post to ramble about my new template! This post brings to you an exclusive never before interview with the designer of the layout. 

What do you do? 
4 Basic things. I read, I review, I design and Illustrate. Of course there are my other hobby's like drawing, painting and playing the bass. 

 She also runs the blog page Unputdowable Books
Tell us more about your designing work? What does it involve?
Well, I try my best to illustrate and realize anything my client wants. From Brochures to Stickers and a lot more in between. I try to be versatile. Some designers are Illustrators, or Type Artists or even 3D Designers. I'm trying to be one of the few that can do all. I've got Illustration covered and the basic designs now I'm trying to venture into Type Art and 3D designs. It'll be a challenge but I like the challenge. 

What and When did you get involved with this field?
At 13 I found a new art genre which is called PhotoManipulation which I found on and from there I started manipulating some photos and it just completely evolved. And because of these illustrations/Photomanipulations I got a job at a design studio at 16 as an Intern under some amazing Senior Designers. They were amazing mentors and they taught me loads of stuff soon after I started becoming independent and as I worked under the studio I also became a freelance designer. And because of university I had to quit my job and became a full on independent designer. Today, I'm under the wing of a new studio as a part-timer.

A little bit about Najla Qamber? (its your soon-to-be-firm right?)
Well, Najla Qamber is my name and thought it would be easier for my clients to recognize me if I just used my name. I'm a freelance and for now, I won't be turning it into a firm of any kind. But if ever. I'd call it Entity.

What all projects have you taken up so far?
Oh boy, theres a lot. At the beginning of my career I didn't do much but designed Labels for products, billboards and T-shirt designs. As I progressed I started doing posters and even conceptualizing logos and complete brands including their stationery. Along the lines of my book blog I started doing blog layouts as well as buttons, headers and even bookmarks. I also had the honor of doing a bands album cover. It was an amazing experience. 

What is a typical day in the shoes of Najla?
A typical day in Naj's shoes is getting up in the morning to go to Uni, doing some assignments, designing, then at night I read and review. Lets just say, I am never bored and I'm a complete workaholic. 

What do you do when your not, blogging, reading or designing?
Watching a lot of Asian Dramas including some awesome American TV Shows as well as British ones too. I love Supernatural and Glee! 

Have you always wanted to be a designer or you had other career's in mind?
I never thought I would be a designer. I always thought that would just always be my hobby. Before everything I just thought I'd work as a business woman helping my dad with his business. Its weird how we all turn out. 

Any wise words of advice for my readers who aspire to be entrepreneurs like you?
The internet is an amazing tool. Get into E-Commerce and you'll be able to make a name for yourself by just making a customer-base online. 

A random thing about you?
I'm a workaholic. I try to always be productive. Another thing! I'm half-filipino half-bahraini who can't speak arabic. So english is my first language while Filipino is my second. :D

Currently she is gathering a portfolio of her work, so she can start freelancing officially! How cool is that?!
So she is currently doing free blog designs and buttons, and maybe if your nice to her she could even do some poster and some other cool designer swag! *grin*  Head over to her Official Design Page to get in touch with her!!

Take a look at this...

This is just some of the cool stuff she has designed! She has even done an album cover for a Czech Band..!! Head over to Najila Quambers Designs and then come back and tell me what you thought of it?


  1. I think Naj is awesome!! And I her blog design is beautiful. I can't wait to see more of her feature where she redesigns book covers!! The ones I have seen have been amazing. I am sure we are all going to see some awesomeness and much success from her in the future!!

  2. I just recently discovered Naj through her DeviantArt site and I can't stop telling people how great her work is!


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