My Review For Wild Child by Mike Wells

Sometimes when you begin to read a novel which involves the characters being thrust into impossible, deplorable situations, you just know that somehow certain events will incline themselves in the favor of the story or at the convenience of it winding up to leave no conflict uncalled for...

I am happy to say that Wild Child by Mike Wells, is one of the bleak few YA novels that is startlingly realistic, and despite having a significantly fantastical theme, it manages to have the reader nodding his/her approval because he realizes that he couldn’t have handled the situation better himself! So naturally if you’re acknowledging the fact that the best way out of the muddle was what the character did, and was pretty conceivable – the fact that the author was able to incorporate this into a fantasy novel is pretty admirable, at least to me it is because honestly you really don’t see that very often anymore. Most of the time, situations in books are just classified as fate and are filed in that cabinet. As if terming it that way really makes the story more gripping… let’s face it, fate has more discreet ways of working, not as blatantly as certain books portray it to… Wild Child has no instances where the Universe bends its will to suit the storyline; in fact the plot is rather enigmatic, but still remains intrinsically simple throughout.
Kyle’s best friend Brianna is a rather vivacious creature quite simply put, she revels in the Now rather than dwell upon how things she does may affect tomorrow. Kyle on the other hand is like her guardian angel, and is really the personification of self constriction. On a rather eventful day at the lake, Brianna gets fatally wounded after a run in with a speed boat and finds herself in a cave that has strange glowing water. After bathing in the cave, Brianna’s wounds heal and she finds herself completely rejuvenated and euphoric. She gets back to Kyle, completely energized by the water and takes him to the cave to witness it’s wonderment personally. Kyle considers the water rather harshly, and declines a drink of it, he also forbids Briana from sipping anymore… but little does he know about how necessary his visits there will have to be in the future. Brianna soon begins to fall ill again and her very life force depends solely on the water. What is Kyle, her sole benefactor to do now? It all goes down to the crucial decisions that Kyle has to make…
So that’s the basic plot of the story, although it has many intriguing and impressively constructed events occurring in between. I like how the relationship between Kyle and his Dad was incorporated into the book, it added that extra zing to the story, and it’s like when you know the part isn’t really necessary, but it’s only there to refine the tale more. It gave a gritty and more urgent feel to the story. Despite the simple weaving of the tale, certain intelligently included plots popped in and out of life, constantly reminding you that the situations were to be heavily considered and not to be taken lightly. They successfully created a little brick that weighed down on you and inclined you to feel grief, worry and suspicion as the characters felt it. Now I realize that commonly encountered problems with short books are that you never really have time to understand the characters and get a feel for them rather than for their situations alone. You might say, you haven’t met them enough to know what runs their cogs. I too sadly experienced this in certain parts, where I wasn’t able to pinpoint the characters basic functions, or responses to situations. I refute by saying though, that this really works to the story’s advantage, and gives it a more ominous feel, where you can’t really tell what’s just around the block.
All in all I’d say the book is definitely worth a serious read through because it’s snappy, relatable and incredibly gripping and heartwarming. I loved the whole aura of clarity that hung on every page.

Owing to the intricately sculpted emotions that played out in the book, and the expertly included morbid undertones I have decided to give this book:

$4$ STARS!!!

Love and Fist Bumps forever,
Halinor Everdeen Cipriano

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