S for Sundae


~Happy Ice Cream Sundae Day!!~
The first historically documented was created on April 3, 1892 on a Sunday!!
Whats is a sundae?
A sundae is typically ice cream topped with sauce or syrups and an assortment of toppings such as chopped nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, cherry etc.

A sundae is not restricted to number of scoops, or kinds of sauce or toppings even! I bet you knew that well?!

In honor of today i will share with you my favorite ice cream sundae with you, since i can't share a real one online with you guys! :(

My favorite Ice Cream Sundae is a Chocolate Nut Sundae! 
That would be chocolate ice-cream (you guessed it?!), nuts and chocolate sundae! Simple but amazing!
Now, you turn.. 

What is you favorite Ice Cream Sundae??

Oh and here is some fun Sundae stuff online...


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