THC- a trip-hop band

A new band I discovered and  love very much!
THC...they played as a band called Shy at the Bronze  in one of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes. (Remember Veruca? because of who Willow and Oz had a relationship issue!) 
I really liked their song, so i went and looked it up and stumbled on a website called, which you should totally check out if your a music junkie.
There are 5 bands called THC, so it took me a while to get information on the right band. They are a trip-hop band from L.A,California. The band consists of only 2 people- Sarah Folkman (sing & songwriter) and George Sarah (producer/composer/keyboard & bassist). George Sarah appeared on the show as a keyboardist for Shy.Since there are 5 THC bands, it was kind of hard to find correct information about the. So i haven't been able to find pictures of the two musician, neither have i discovered what THC stands for and whether it even is an abbreviation.
 I haven't managed to find pictures of them to add in the post.
The band came to be in 1996, so they even released 12 inch records, E.Ps and full length albums.
They last album was "Adagio" which came out in 1999, and consists of melancholy and electronica music, which has elements of seduction in it. I like it, the melancholy music...
Here is a track by them called Overfire..



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