Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas and Micah Sparks

                                   Three Weeks with My Brother

I couldn't find a suitable review to provide so your just going to have to catch the story through my review.
I will try not to bore you...
The book is a memoir written by Nicholas Sparks, in which he retrospects his entire life. His older brother Micah Sparks and him decide to go on a world tour together, and the main story line is the narration of his entire trip. Running parallel to his trip, Sparks tells us the story of how his parents got married in college, how he grew up in tough times, his antics as the middle sibling among a sister and brother. He also narrated the grief he went through loosing nearly his entire family and the joys of his wedding, his babies, his writing and more or less his entire life until now. Not exactly now..but you know..until whenever he wrote this book.
It took me really long to finish this book, its one of those books that you read between other fast-paced thriller novel or chic-lits or YA books.
The beginning was slow, at least for me, but this morning i decided to just finish it no matter how boring it got. Because my Goodreads meter thing keeps reminding me how i am falling back on my goal of 200 books this year and also my pile of half-read book is multiplying faster than i can count.
All these factors put together and the fact that trails of grief began to pop into the book. This made me very curious and distressed, so i had to pursue them. And they came one after the other, the amount of hardships the Spark brother have endured is a lot, lot more than i have come across. The fact that they both have each and they did not give up on their own lives is amazing!
By the end of the book. Nicholas explains how it made him a better person and value things and life a lot more.
We all come across these little quotes that tell you to do similar thing, but when how many of us ACTUALLY take it seriously. Yes, it makes one think, but you shrug it off or put it aside in your head and go on.
But Micah and Nicholas actually learnt lessons and learned to work towards a better life. I am not saying, it inspired me to do the same, i still enjoy living as a careless teen, thank you!
But what i mean to say is, when you read this book,its puts you in a state of awe as to how they are in one piece today.
The book is not all sob-story, there is a lot humor and information on Nicholas's claim to fame and how he got to writing the genre of book he does and also some historical facts on the places he visited on his trip.If your patient enough you can even concoct an interview with him, without actually even talking to him.
With all the depth, i didn't get all teary and retrospective myself neither did i consider the book my inspiration or any such thing. The book is simply a beautiful and deep story which you must read if you enjoy (thats not quite the word to use with his works is it?) Nicholas Spark's works and also if your slightly emotional about life and things.
I would give it a 3 on 5!


  1. Sounds interesting goes to show you, that you can never know what a person's life is like by looking on the surface. But I'm going to have to work my way up to the this. The fast pace of my paranormal books have spoilt me good.

  2. Your review makes the book sound interesting to me...
    Something about your post reminds me of this film called "Terms of Endearment"...Have you seen it?


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