Wild Child by Mike Wells


"Briana Fox is the wildest girl in school.  She and Kyle have been friends for a long time...almost lovers.  When Briana challenges Kyle to a swim across the lake, she's injured in a terrible accident, but also discovers a mysterious substance in an underwater cave.  What seems to be a magical yet harmless "power drug" turns out to have unexpected properties.  Briana soon becomes dependent on it for her very survival.  When two government agents get wind of their discovery, they will stop at nothing  to force Kyle and Briana  to reveal its source."

My blogger bud- Halinor got an email from by Mike Wells-the author of Wild Child and he sent her an e-copy of this book to review!And we *squeeeaaled* over the phone! We are still newbies to the author emailing scene, so any form of correspondence with an author makes us go all crazy and....uh... squeal-y!!
And she sent me an e-copy..and it was..
A really gripping book!
I know the cover isn't very attention grabbing but the story is a totally engaging one! 
The story was short and fast-paced without too much fluff.A very original storyline!!
The writing style is very simple and regular author type but the plot is amazing!! The book wasn't descriptive enough to form bonds with any of the characters but it was just enough to get absorbed by the book. 
The suspense made me sick and so did some bits where Briana's insides start to to pop out! The story is a cross between realistic YA and slight elements of the supernatural-ness!
The book did not disappoint me, and i am awestruck by how the author even came up with an ending for it. I would have gone on reading some more of the story if there was any. It was perfect and left me with an eerie feeling. 
The characters introduced are minimal , unlike most books where you have a sense of a very populated little fiction world surrounding the book!
The entire time i read the book, i was anticipating something awful to happen! A really Good read!
Two complaints i had- 
1.i wish the illustration on the cover had been done differently, i don't like the way it looks and and it almost put me off, until i read the synopsis.
2. A different book title, its so deceiving and somehow not suitable in my opinion. There are no elements of "Wild child-ness" in the book. With and exception of the mild rebellious character of Brianna!

For more details on Mike Wells and how you can buy a copy Wild Child (which i totally recommend you to do!) go here 

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  1. Hey Kiwi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad to see another blogger enjoying Wild Child, it was really a fun read!

    And yes, there are times when a particular book loses steam and I need to take a break just so I could regain the momentum. But Wild Child did not have those moments. It was totally exciting from start to finish. :D

    Just sad it's not a print book, would have been more enjoyable.

    Brush Up On Your Reading


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