Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Season 5

Glamorous Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers and the Scooby gang is back!
I am so grateful that I am watching this on DVD and not on TV. I would be an insane TV addict if it had been otherwise. I am hooked to Buffy and its now on my to-do list to watch the entire series and eventually get a collection of my own!(so i can watch them again!!:D)
In this season- Buffy has a sister and the whole season's got to do with Dawn (her sister) and her secret.
Dawn is the Key who open the portals to all the dimensions on earth, and this will result in chaos. Glory or Glorficus needs the Key to go back to her Kingdom which she has been exiled from. 
The Slayer is entrusted with the Key in the form of a sister to protect. And protect she does. Aside from the dilemma, Buffy has a new boyfriend Riley, who sadly goes!
Giles takes over the magic shop and has Anya working for him. Willow and Tara relationship is going steady.
Xander and Anya are also going super steady and they are probably getting married soon! Oh, and Spike falls madly in love with the Slayer.
The last bit is my favorite and i really wish they got a longer kiss on screen. I know they did in the previous season, but that was when they were under a spell. Now, i wish Buffy would give him a chance, I mean not like Angel's coming back to marry her!
And the most horrible bit- Buffy's mum- Joyce Summers dies of an aneurysm. The episodes that revolved around it were awfully sad. I cried so much! The episode in which she dies is amazinglt shot. It portray grief so heartbreakingly. Never have i seen such a portrayal, i am not sure whether to call it the best or not. The Body (the episode title) has a deafening silence and Buffy's reaction is so disturbing...
And the end of the series is the most tragic of all! Buffy dies..*loud wail* or does she ?? *raised eyebrows*

Buffy is a perfect mix of teenage dilemmas and paranormal adventure! Its my new addiction..!!
There is quirky humour, boyfriend dilemma, an ex-demon, a funny guy, lesbians, some explicit content, scary monster, witches, watchers, vampires and what-nots! Its amazing how one series can harness so much and not flop!
Joss Whedon has created a super series! I can't think of any other series which can compete with his creation, he has hit all the right spots to engage a YA audience.
Cheers to The Buffy creating team and the fans of course!


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