Education today- How "good" is it?

I found this video on The Lit Express as part of a very interesting blog post! I thought that the post should have delved further more and had potential for being insightful but i guess the author left it to the readership to stimulate themselves through the video. 
Which i think was a splendid idea, but at the same time i would have loved to hear some more of her thoughts on this idea! It excited me and grabbed my attention with full force.
An array of thoughts shot through my brain while watching it and i will try my best to discuss them in this post.
I will begin with critique on the video from the surface-
The concept/ideology was amazing. It got me thinking intensively about my position in society today- an Indian teenager on her way to getting and degree and hopefully a "job" after. The presentation was fabulous and entertained the audience of today whose attention can be gauged by these images immediately.I loved th animation! Its was extremely stimulating- made me think about making my notes that way! *chuckles*
Now going into the content..
I was pleased and excited by his (the male voice that spoke) stringing together of concepts and informations.
For a while now i have been contemplation running a school of my own-its my ambition!And i frequently make a note of things i would include and exclude in my school. Recently there was a fair held by Shristi college of Art and Design on diplomas for designing new education systems. Unfortunately i could not attend it, but from what i understand-it was a programme to possibly reform our education. And i would like to be a part of this group of reformers. 
The video doesn't blame anyone or anything in particular, it doesn't even point fingers at flaws i.e. it doesn't accuse a person(s) or phenomena!
It simply question our education system and whether it is suited to today's rapidly developing and changing society. Is it really up to par with the us of today?
Education and exploration itself has brought us to this dilemma.And perhaps education itself will help us out of it.
Here are some of my stream of thoughts which were left incomplete by me while watching the video:
- The passing of the Right to education in India with regards to this?
-my question and analyzing skill were revving crazily- due to blogging (reviewing and critiques), general studies, history and lit skills which requires one to connect and explore information.
- where do i stand in this picture and how do i move myself into a "better" position or should i say stand in better light of the idea presented? I bet this one occurred to all of you.
On the last point, i believe that we should look at in terms of all of us and our positions rather than me and my position. Because we live in a society which to co-exist needs everybody's help-the outcasts included-!Its what makes up society! So to reform or change education systems- we must involve everybody.
Of course this is not going to happen over-night or over year. It is a gradual process which 6 billion people will take time to digest and make something out of! Just like how we have arrived at today over centuries and  so this reform will happen over time too! We can all help begin the change...

It is difficult for me to summarize this post, so i will just leave all the thoughts presented here unfinished.It was my attempt to make my readership also think and share your own opinions, ideas, conclusion,etc on this video.
 I tried to type this up immediately after watching because i was worried all my thoughts would float into cant-remember-land, and also get filtered.

If your are reading this post, i request that you leave me a comment on what you thought of the video. Doesn't matter if its long/short or any other excuses you think of for not comment. I would really like to hear opinions on this idea/video/blog post....


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