Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling


Ah! The infamous Harry Potter, i was half minded about reviewing it.
But after i finished i had a lot to say about the book, and all the observations i made the second time round reading it! :D
The story-During Harry's third year, he bloats up his aunt Marge out of fury and then storms out of Privet Drive.Then he takes the Knight Bus and counts down the days to return to Hogwarts.The most dangerous criminal has mad the first ever escape from Azkaban, the most heavily guarded prison of the wizarding world,and he is looking for Harry Potter. But here is the twist,the criminal/murderer is Sirius Black, James Potter's best man and Harry's god-father!! Everyone knows that Sirius Black betrayed the Potters to Voldermort, or did her? 
Meanwhile Draco Malfoy got smart during Hagrid's class and got his arm injured!This is going to cost the creature who injured him- a hippogruff-his life! The ministry has ordered his Buckbeak- Hagrid's pet hippogruff- to execution! Can Harry, Hermoine and Ron save Buckbeaks's like and escape unscathed from the prowling murder?
This was and is my favorite book in the series! For three reasons- I LOVE Sirius Black, Remus J Lupin and Buckbeak! They are all introduced in this book! :) The adventure is gripping, exciting and engaging as usual. I don't mean this in a nonchalant way, the book kept me hooked mind you! Even though i had read it before, i was anxious right until the end. Hogwarts is so exciting and i keep wishing and waiting for the letter from Dumbledore to arrive and inform me that i am a witch!! 
All the subjects, the spells, the campus, the teachers, the ghosts, portraits everything is so well thought out by Rowling! No series had ever provided so much detailing and excitement for a reader's imagination!
As i was re-reading it, since I've been studying lit and grown considerably older, i was also observing her writing style. Her books have excellent English and minimal content , if you know what i mean. Her book appeals to people of ALL ages and excites them all equally. I can't re-call a fantasy book so universally admired!
Also, this is one of the few books with more than one protagonist. Even though Harry is the prime focus, his two best friends frequently come in the spot light. Their lives are also described very well in third person. Another elements i noticed was, she never delved into Harry's emotional state like most YA books do yet the reader can feel his joy, misery and excitement.
Harry Potter is a completely satisfying read. Its imaginative, thrilling, a mystery, has snatches of love story, touches emotions,lots of mojo and all this is school!!And it never gets boring! Every year at Hogwarts is actually a real adventure!
I know i sound like a crazy suck-up but its true, i just can't spot a flaw to grumble about. If it pleases you, i have the exact opposite thoughts on the movie. For a long time i thought it was the best made Potty film, but it isn't! I was so distressed with the film and its editing and changing of the storyline! :/
If you haven't read HP, you must get a move on and go grab a copy for yourself! Like NOW!!!


  1. Hithanks for joing the Hogwarts Reading challenge 2011 but I don't see your post.

  2. I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday. I really like the Harry Potter books because, for a change, they are really books written for children. Anyone, from any age group, can read them - but children can too. Without having to confront issues, emotions or feelings that they are too young for or not ready for, or cant understand. It's been a long time since I've seen a book like this. Reminds me in some way of Enid Blytons.
    The other big reason why I'd recommend this series of books to my young friends is the universality of the characters. So often, these days, when I watch a cartoon intended for children, I am struck by how the words, the accent and even the content of what is being said is so American. Take the cartoon, Madagascar for instance. When you read Harry Potter or watch the films, the characters have so little that makes them different from a you or a me sitting in separate parts of the world that relating to them is instant!


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