Just my Followers..

Every time my list of followers grows, just like any other blogger i get excited! :D
It makes me smile and feel happy that people are interested in what i have to say and all the posting i am doing is actually being read by someone. I know its cheesy and bloggers say this all time but, followers are encouragement and a big thank to you guys! 
More followers/ viewers mean more comments, *cross fingers* hopefully!
Sooo..i decided to do a special post for them, and one where they can comment on.I would love to hear from you! So if your stopping by for the first time, second..whichever time, you are a follower new/old leave me a comment..tell me what you think of my page..Is worth the clicking..do you enjoy it?What do you like the most? And suggestions, advice..I would love to hear it..

Thank you guys sooo much!! :)

I know your all disappointed that i haven't held a give-away in you honor an all like the other bloggers, so here is a virtual lollipop and hug for each of you! :D


  1. YAY! Lollipop! <3 Always nice to know someones reading!

  2. Thank you for the virtual lollipop, LOL.

  3. Am sorry....I wanted to write in something but the virtual lollipop has me hynotized :)

    Kudos to your sparky blog. Me.Like.
    (Excuse abruptness. Still stuck in the whirls of that lollipop)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry my fish creep you out! I hope you grow to love them over time as I do. Maybe try feeding them and you'll warm up to them! Lol. :) I like your blog and I think it's cute. I don't have any suggestions, I like it just the way it is... oooh wait, I have one... I would suggest you get rid of your captcha requirement for comments, because I am dyslexic and it's hard for me to get the letters in order! I don't use one and I haven't got any spam on my site either, but I can always delete a comment if I need to. So, that would be my only suggestion. :)

    -Sandra from http://sandrathenookworm.blogspot.com


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