The Mediator by Meg Cabot (#1- Love You to Death)

                                 Love You to Death (The Mediator, #1)

I can see ghosts. I can talk to ghosts, and, if necessary, I can kick some serious ghost butt.

Suze is a mediator. Which means she spends a lot of time directing the unhappy dead into the afterlife. And it isn't easy- not all ghouls want to be guided.

Newly arrived in California, Suze has hardly unpacked when her mediator skills are put to the test. A vicious spirit is hell-bent on making her life a complete nightmare. At least she's sharing her bedroom with Jesse, the most gorgeous ghost ever. But dare she make a move on the sexiest spook in town?

I am not a big fan of Meg Cabot because of the Princess Diaries. I detest that series, but her other books are fun. All her protagonist are just the right balance of teen-ness. I am taking a 50-50 stand on whether thats a "good" thing or annoying thing! 
The mediator- Susannah is a brand conscious, a loner, wears leather, is semi-girly, stubborn and kicks ghost-butt. A mediator can see, touch and talk to ghost and Suze is one of them. She is a newbie to California because she just moved in with her mom and step-family. The story is about her ghost-busting adventure and her overnight climb to the top of the school social ladder. She turns from loner to popular girl with boys crushing on her. 
The book doesn't have a single kiss, neither is there any relationship deal in the book. Though a romance does begin to cook up towards the end, which you can predict from the beginning itself. I guess Meg Cabot is saving it for her series. 
Overall it was a fun and well-paced read. Funny narration, quirky characters and short storyline. And it made me want to finish the series. I would classify it in the beginner level of YA, or would this be MG? Not sure, because the writing style seemed native to YA but there was no depth of emotion as in most YA novels.
I would give a 2 and half on 5! :D


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