The Mediator by Meg Cabot (#4- Young Blood)

Young Blood (The Mediator, #4)

"A  date, with a boy I actually like, would be nice. But do I get dates? Oh no. What do I get instead? Ghosts.

Suze never meant to fall in love with Jesse- the heart-stopping, gorgeous ghost who haunts her bedroom. It just sort of happened. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to love her back.

But Suze is determined to find out how and why Jesse died. So when his 150-year-old grave is unearthed in her backyard, she starts clue-hunting. Did his ex-girlfriend do the dirty on him. Does she have Jesse's blood on her hands? One thing's for sure- digging up the past is a deadly business..."

Tales of the Ghost-hunter continue! a funny read! Suze is baby-sitting at Beach Hotel and Golf Resorts in khaki plaid shorts over the summer. Obviously Suze being Suze has to get into a ghostly tangle again!
I skipped the 2 and 3 rd book because my library didn't have it! So the last time i read this Suze was falling for Jesse. And now i am back on the series and she loves him more, except we are still not sure if the feeling are a mutual! What a drag?!
Anyway, Jesse (who is a ghost living with Suze by the way)'s ex-fiance and her husband turn up to kill  Suze  for reason which you must read the book to find out. But here is the spiced up part- Suze and Dom are the not the only mediators in town....
The book was a quick and funny read. It was like old-school YA- with a sarcastic, intelligent, funny and pretty protagonist-the kind everybody loves and doesn't have any flaws!:P
That is all i can say about this book! If you haven't read it then go do so. Especially if you want to have read ALL of Meg Cabot's books! Somehow that sounded so much funnier in my head! hehe..
I am not going to rate this one, its a read for when you have your exams coming up and you just do not want to do the required (study!!!). 
Have you read this one? If yes, have you written a better review than mine? Please do leave me a link in you comment! I will most definitely stop by!


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