Ready or Not (All American Girl #2) by Meg Cabot

                             Ready or Not (All-American Girl, #2)

"Everyone thinks Sam Madison-who last year saved the President's Life- is ready.
Her art teacher thinks she is ready to draw naked people. The President thinks she's ready to introduce his most controversial bill on MTV. And the scariest of all, Sam's boyfriend David-the President's son-seems to think they're ready to Do It!
The only person who isn't sure she's ready is Sam herself. But somehow she's going to give everyone-and especially David- an answer. Ready or not? "

I am not a big Meg Cabot fan, the only series i enjoyed of hers was the Mediator series and Jinx.I haven't read her newer ones so no judgement on that! This one was a total mindless rant.
I know this review is like slander but i did not enjoy this book at all. I couldn't relate to anybody or anything in the book- aside from saving the President and dating his son, ha! :P
It was funny to start of with, but the protagonist just kept rambling. The plot was funny but the "twists" just ruined it. The only characters i found amusing and interesting were Dauntra and Lucy. I would have rather read the story of their lives! Madison's was fully predictable and the fact that she just would not move on from silly things. It was like she was playing a memory game, every time new "trauma" struck, she would rant and panic and get ridiculous about it in sequence- one rant moving to the next!
But i managed to finish it to see the point of the book. All the bombshells were on the cover,one look at the protagonist and you know where it all leads!
Now Lucy on the other hand was a popular girl turned timid (?). Her crushing is adorable and Dauntra has lead a life that makes you go WOW! It did make me! :)
I mean she got kicked out of her house and all her strong views. She has a firm character you definitely want to know more about. Maybe a story about Lucy and Dauntra simultaneously and then intertwining!Now that would have been a lot more interesting!
But enough bad mouthing the book! The bright side- i read the entire book fast!! I found fav characters and the art hobby was cool! :)
I would give it a 2 on 5 for sustaining my attention! I am so sorry if this review has offended anyone (Meg Cabot included). It is my honest review of the book! 
You disagree with my views, comment? I would love to read your views! :)


  1. Your review takes me back to the time when I was 15 and a huge Meg Cabot fanatic! :D It seems like such a long time ago. I remember enjoying this book, but I also felt that this was her weakest book yet. My favorite is the Mediator series.


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