The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

                            The Rescue

Taylor McAden was a risk taker. A volunteer fireman in the small southern town where he had lived his entire life, he was the first to take the plunge into a burning house to rescue someone, the first to put his own safety on the line. However, there was one risk that Taylor seemed unable to take, and that was to let any woman into his heart. Then he met Denise Holden.

There was much more in the Goodreads synopsis, but i thought it gave away too much of the book so i did't include it. Besides i didn't pick this one by reading the back cover. I trust Sparks and his stories.
Its a love story between two lonely people who fall in love. They both have their complicated pasts and presents. 
Here are more details, Denise has a 4 year old son who she has dedicated her entire life too! I will not elaborate on that because it will give away some of the book. Technically she is a loner trying to get by life on the fringes. Then she meets Taylor, the fireman who rescued her from an accident and found her missing son in heavy rains. 
Taylor is single and lives alone.He has made several rescues and has always been willing to take risk,except when it came to women. He has never had a lasting relationship because  no woman ever understood him...
Until Denise came along.

They get to know each and fall in love...

But every love story has its complication, and when i noticed that nearly 3/4 of the book was over I got worried. Nicholas Sparks had a tendency to make things extra tragic by killing someone off or some other such miserable ending. I was so anxious, but i had hope because the Wedding had a happy ending.
I reached the last page of the book all teary and put it down.
Towards the end, there was one part of the book which i didn't like, i thought that complication was a bit too much. But eventually it turned out to be necessary. 
Nicholas Sparks' writing is harmonious, its themes,its beautiful, romantic and excites the imagination. His writing had depth, which makes you sink into the book. 
It was a typical Sparks story and if you have read Three Weeks with My Brother, then you can even place this book in  Sparks' life at that point. 
A very emotional read but beautiful. I would call it a one time read! I know my review hasn't told you much about the story,but that is because the beauty of the book is the mystery in it. The story unfolds slowly and thats what keeps you reading.


  1. I trust Sparks and his novels too. I will get any book he writes without reading the book. I read this book a couple years ago and can't remember it that much. I plan on re-reading his entire collection.

  2. I used to like Nicholas Sparks' books. A long time ago. But, after reading a few of them, one after the other, noticed that his stories had recurring themes. In some way, it felt as if he had just one story to tell, and in each book, he chose to tell it in a different way. The only of his books that seems to be interesting to me now is the book about his adventures with his brother. Your review of it has me piqued.


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