The Switch by Anthony Horowitz

"For Tad Spencer, only son of a fabulously wealthy businessman, every day is like Christmas. He lives in a mansion, has a maid, servants, every toy imaginable. He has it all—until the day he wishes he was someone else.
Suddenly, Tad wakes up as Bob Snarby, trapped in a cruel and squalid funfair world inhabited by hopeless  criminals, and mysterious fortune tellers-worst of all-the murderous Finn. But he’s there for a reason, as Tad discovers when he begins to untangle a secret that will introduce him to the most unexpected enemy of all..."

A mediocre middle grade, something you would pick up while waiting at a doctor's clinic or some such place. It wasn't engaging or absorbing in an exciting sense. The story had suspense and all the ingredients for a story to engage a read. Just not thrill. I picked it up because i liked the shiny cover..*grin*. It was really cool, because when you reading, the shiny surface reflects light! Ha! :P Hence i had to upload a picture of the shiny book, because the one's online were no good!
I read somewhere that Anthony Horowitz wrote for boys or some such thing about his expected readership to be constituent of boys mostly. This was another reason i picked it up, to see what went into such a book. And i find that there are very few male protagonist. Its fun reading their perspective, girls can get tiresome after a point.
Tad Spencer is a fat, wealthy, spoilt and super-intelligent kid. Bob Snarby is a shabby, loose and dirty boy. They switch bodies and the book happens..
Most of the aspects of the book were predictable and work-out-able. It wasn't a drawl book if thats what your thinking, it was worth all the reading effort. I can't think of anything else to add in my review..
Oh! I would give it a 2 on 5 for engaging plot! :)


  1. I enjoyed Anthony Horowitz' books when I was younger, and your review inspired me to go back and reread one of his books I have on my bookshelf ;) Thanks for the review!

    I'm a new GFC follower btw ;)
    Kind regards,
    I Heart Reading


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