#%$The Ultimate Playlist$%# --- Introducing The Saturday Book Jams!!!

Hello there people from across the world! I type in peace... Infact I bring nothing but good intentions... Well, I do tend to stray a little when I begin typing, but that is definitely not part of my scheme... It's like handing me a bag of gold and asking me not to misuse it! I'm beyond help! But anyway... I was lounging (being a lazy old slab of lard!!!) when this incredible thought slid into my mind very slyly and oh so discreetly... It possessed me like those creepy alien freaks in Stephanie Meyer's The Host... Blech! My pushy mind dragged a gladly abiding, yet oblivious me to my comp, and instructed me to type. ("It's either that or a visit to the shrink!" It threatened) So here I am, and here's a little fragment of my ingenuity.... 

I've read a fair share of YA in my still young, still impressionable life, but I've seen all around that in order to set the atmosphere for a particular book, you need... Music! That's right, our dear old friend Mr. Groove To Mytunes... Let's face it, authors need it to remind themselves of the setting of their novels, we use it it to reside in a particular mood, and books recommend it to enhance a certain environment they may be preaching about... On every author's blog you see a little widget that plays music that suits the storyline of their books... So I've decided to post a minuscule list of songs that suit any one book I've read diligently, every Saturday, and YOU can guess the emotion I perceived the book was giving off in volumes... and YOU can contradict me in your comments if you've read the book too, and had felt something else... Hey! You can even put down your own lists!! Hope this grows into something HUGE!!!  

Fingers crossed, and fist-bumps forever,
Halinor Everdeen Cipriano :-) 


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