We All Fall Down....

Thats is a picture of Nic Sheff- the author of a We All Fall Down- a memoir of his personal journey of recovery from substance abuse. He wrote another book called Tweak-which chronicles his battle with crystal meth and heroin. His Dad- David Sheff also wrote a book- Beautiful Boy: A father's journey through his son's Addiction..

I found his book on NetGalley a while back, but without context. The book explored a genre/theme fairly new to me- addiction and so i put in my Galley. And it lies in cyber space collecting dust right now. Just half and hour ago i found his blog which he is shutting down- to find his own peace. I read some of his earlier post and his writing is moving. Its beautiful and the imagery very vivid. It brings to mind Holly Schindler's writing. But his style has a rawness to it, it was beautiful. Go check out this post and decide for yourself.

I looked him up on the Internet and found him on My Space, his book on Goodreads, a bunch of articles on him,a page on Facebook of his. In all this places thousands of people had left comments on how his writing inspired various people. I don't have much to say along the lines of addiction, but what i do look forward to is reading his work. I want to hear his story and enjoy his writing style. I really like it especially after navigating through his blog.I also found his Dad's blog page.

              Nic Sheff / Tweak   

These are the two book he has written so far. 
My thought on him: Firstly i found him cute! *grin* He sounds like an interesting person, especially after reading his blog and its my opinion that you meet the most interesting sorts of people among addicts and people from the "other side"- the one considered "socially wrong and blah". I am not stereotyping anybody or offending anybody. Just a personal opinion. But even regular people can be fun too! I can't connect to his addiction but i get the idea that his story is probably a touching one. The main reason why i am wiping the dust of my Galley copy of We All Fall Down is to swim in his writing style more than the story. His blog really amazed me, he has talent! 
Check him out, if you have already then do tell me what you thought of him and his works.


  1. I did. Like you, really like the way he writes - very direct, very simple. Nice.

  2. Your view on interesting people is new to me...my first reaction is how much I disagree with it. Personally, not for you...I can see how you or anyone else might feel that way...I just don't.
    To me, the most interesting people are those who really enjoy living...not rejecting it, or, doing the opposite of being preachy/righteous about it. Just enjoying their small or big moments, and doing things for the pleasure of them, rather than to draw attention, shock, please, inspire...People like, Forest Gump. Seen that film?

  3. Yep! :D Hmm...to me interesting people are those who have something to say..something new to contribute..true..people who shock/please/inspire etc can be very cliche to me..The idea of being interesting is to enjoy your unique views and be at peace with them not to have the views because one want to please etc. But generally i believe everybody has a reserved side to them which they reveal to people patient/curious enough to look for this side..!


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