2011 Movie Madness Challenge

                                Movie Madness

With all these lists and Challenge post i am making on my blog, I am starting to develop a habit of making mental list of everything i do with a common theme! :P
So now i am always counting everything i do- how often i am bored, how many movies have i watched, how many seasons of Buffy i have finished, how many times I've done this and done that! Its hilarious and annoying at the same time. Though i feel a knot of tension every time i do that- i guess its because in Indian customs a superstition exists that counting something jinxes it!I find it funny but when you grow up with that stuff it tends to evoke reaction involuntarily!
Just yesterday I watched P.O.C.4 and then i went i should make a note of how many movies I watched this year. And here i am participating in the Movie Madness Challenge..*grin*
Turns out counting is an encouraged custom around here...(blogosphere)...

The Creative Geek and A Girl, Books & Other Things have created a Movie Madness Challenge for 2011.
The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch as many movies as you can in 2011!
· Record each movie you watch. You don’t have to review any or all of them but at the end of each much make a post with the list of movies you have seen that month and a final tally of 2011 to help keep track of it all.

· There are four levels in which you can attempt to achieve:
  1. 25 Movies: Movie Newbie
  2. 50 Movies: Movie Fanatic
  3. 75 Movies: Movie Critic
  4. 100+ Movies: Movie Master
· Mini Series count but only as ONE movie, as do Television Series (the entire series and not just single episodes)

· The movies don’t need to be new, old favorites also count.

I will start out with Level 1..I've watched a fairly large amount of movies and T.V series up until now..In the list i will include whatever i can recall and movies I watched today onwards..(okay yesterday..so i can include P.O.C)
My list is here..
Besides lists are a good thing, they help get organized and all! And me being a messy person -this is a good habit to develop right?! *grin*


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