Cemetery Junction

"The 1970s arrived. Times were changing, reading wasn't. Cemetery Junction is a hilarious comedy about three friends who dream of breaking free from the mundane world of Cemetery Junction. Knowing that they can't spend the rest of their lives drinking, fighting and joking around, they're forced to make a choice. Nothing is quite simple as it should be though, especially when on of them falls for his boss's daughter, only to find that she is already engaged to be married. To get what they'll need to break the rules, whatever the cost."

I got this one from the British Library. When i saw the trailer, all the dialogues were muffled and I couldn't makes sense of what the movies was about, but i still wanted to watch it! Hehe!
Cemetery Junction seems to have got a lot of 4 stars and good reviews. The film is about 3 boys who just wanna have fun, but they obviously can't do that unless they want to end up as drunk bums on the roads.The films starts of with all of them getting jobs to get by life and "do something" with their lives. There is Freddie Taylor who works as a Life Insurance Company as a salesmen, Bruce who works at the factory and Paul aka Snork as a station announcer! The story is set in post the Swinging 60s and how the concept of teenage wanting to be free and seeming unruly to the adults in the process. 
This setting was touched upon very briefly in the film. The main focus of the film was the story and the excellent acting. British cinema believes its audience to be clever enough to read between the lines and make interpretation. Unlike say Bollywood, where the directors often believe that their audience need fairly detailed prologues (no matter how cliche the storyline is )! I noticed that the actors were often expressive and implying reactions and traits which were left to the audience to interpret that. I liked that very much! 
Coming back to the film.. In terms of story i found an okay one i guess. The line didn't seem like a majorly innovative theme. It was teens have a dream, think different, break out of the shell and blah! But what i liked a lot were the little sub-stories woven in. There is Freddie, his job and love- the Boss's daughter and his crazy family, then there is Bruce who works at factory, his annoyance with his Dad for letting his mum run off with another man- the Dad has secrets of his own which our man Bruce is happily oblivious too! Then there is the weird Paul slash Snork, whose chubby and always seems to say the wrong thing, and has no girl. Aside from these main characters- there is the Boss's daughter-Julie Kendrick whose young and bubbly and stuck with a boring and chauvinistic fiance and Dad! Everybody in the film has their own unique background and character no matter how trivial their role in the film! And then there is the overall story of young people wanting to be different! 
Now what all i loved about the movie:
the humor
the silly things they boys did and went to jail for!
the photographs Julie takes
and most importantly i loved Bruce!! He is soooo HOT! <3 


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