Genre Sunday (round#2)

My pick this Sunday is the genre "Dytopia"

"Utopia and Dystopia are genres of literature that explore social and political structures."

Dystopia as defined by Wikipedia is the idea of a repressive and controlled state of society. The opposite of Utopia-which refers to an ideal society with perfect socio-politico-legal system. Concepts of dystopia often feature repressive sytems and explore concepts of humans abusing technology and/or human individually.

"Here are features of Dystopian Fiction:
  • Post-apocalyptic setting,  usually there is the background story of natural disaster, revolutions, war, climate change, some kind of devastating event that changed society
  • Dystopians are normally future based 
  • A difference in the standard of living than what we enjoy in today's society.  This can be a poorer standard of living, as in The Hunger Games, or sometimes a more materialistic environment, like such in Brave New World and Uglies.
  • The main character questions society, or is exposed to the baser ideals of their society within the plot, leading them to the knowledge that something is terribly wrong with their world.
  • There is usually a group/revolution occurring within the novel that the controlling state does not have control over that the protagonist teams up with or strives to join/become like, although nothing is being changed by the character or group.  In Brave New World, this group is comprised of the people on the reservation.
  • Dystopian fiction typically elaborates on the darker society trends that effect us today.  Usually the reader can identify things within our own society that could lead to this future terrible state.
  • Within the plot of a dystopian fiction, the protagonist usually will try to escape or bring down the society that restricts them."
-Parajunkee's View

Sub-genres of Dytopian fiction :

Combinations- a mix of utopia and dystopia
Ecotopians- the concepts usually revolve around the conservation or destruction of the environment.
Feminist utopias- this often presents women as equals to men. Since society often blames male-dominance as one of the many social problems in the world


The term "dystopian" was first coined in by Thomas Moore in 1516 in his book called "Utopia" !! (ha?)
Here is a timeline which attempts to mark important dates and influence of the genre. i have included seveal links in this post instead of re-typing the information from the added links for two reasons- 1. to avoid making the post long and tiresome for the reader and 2. So i can cite the various sources with convenience.

List of Dytopian literature:
the Hunger Games triolgy by Suzanne Collins
Brave New World by Aldous huxley
1984 by George Orwell
Farenheit 481 by Ray Bradbury
The Running Man by Richard Bacchman aka Stephen King
Uglies by Scott Westefield
The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Wither by Lauren DeStephano
Divergent by Veronica Roth
The Republic of the Future by Anna Bowman Dodd

for further reading here
-is a comparison of Dystopian vs Post-apocalyptic
-is a bit more on the topic
-is a list of Dytopian movies

This post seems to be less informative on the topic, so sometime later i will do a follow-up post on the same topic with more information. I typed up this post in a sot of hurry because i couldn't do it all day, and now its nearly night time and Sunday is about to end. I decided this time I will be regualr with this feature rather than quit it halfway! excuse the slight loose-ness of this post. i promise I will put together a tighter more informative follow-up-post soon! Until then...equip yourself with these...


while attending this event!! Why this one? Because its an event that will disuss the follwing genres- Steampunk, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror. Historical Fiction and Dystopian!


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