Baby I was Born This Way...

 That is grotesquely beautiful! 
I like her facial make-up even though the outfit gives my stomach a funny nudge!

Lady Gaga is out with her third studio album after Fame and Fame Monster! Born this Way was released on the 23rd of May 2011!
All three of her albums are different! The other day, a couple of my friends and I were discussing how after a point all artists and bands develop a monotony which distinguished them. Not Gaga! Every song of her is different( with the exception of her first album in which the last few tracks began sounding almost the same!). Either she hasn't reached the stage where her music has become monotonous or she is just not going too! 
The Fame was her debut where she launched herself into the industry. The Fame Monster made is clear and established the fact that Gaga's taste are unique and will get bolder by the look! Born This Way explores her absurd sense furthermore.
This album has a lot more electronic beats in her tracks and a lot of them seem to be metaphorically referring to some form of stereotyping or the other. I think Gaga has bold views and is very clear about what she is out to achieve with her music. Like an author, Gaga is using her music to give out messages. For instances Born This Way gives out an obvious message of respecting and accepting differences. Similarly the other tracks on the album each carry their own meaning. And her sense of fashion seems impossible to copy i.e her attires and looks are not just bold haircut or hair colors works (Pink or Rihanna for example). They are sets of crafty attires all together! From her panties to her eyelashes, she has a lot of fashion statements to make! 
I've always wondered weather Lady Gaga is genuine. Is her taste bizzare only because it sells or those are her views for real! The more i read about her, the more it seems she is actually what she is portraying! I would love to meet her in person someday and find out for myself!
I am Lady Gaga fan, i like her music and her insane outfits! I like her sense of colors, she really uses colors and clothing or no clothing sometimes to its full potential.She also fully exploits her freedom of speech! *chuckles*

I usually never see a point in buying music albums, thanks to all the free music on the internet but in Lady Gaga's case,I've decided to make an exception for the following reasons..
a) Her wardrobe needs funding!
b)I want to encourage her and the most direct way i can do it buy her albums!
c) Her outfits are brilliant so i want to see her album's photo shoot and own the pictures! 

Track List of the Songs of Born This Way

Marry The Night
Born This Way
Government Hooker
Bloody Mary
Bad Kids
Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
Heavy Metal Lover
Electric Chapel
You and I
The Edge of Glory


What did you think of her new album?
Are you a anti-Gaga or you too like her music? 


  1. I like some of her music. It has a great commercial sound.

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