Day 1- The Best Book You Read Last Year


Day1- The Best Book You Read Last Year

Well, I can't quite re-call all the books I read last year because I only actively started keeping track towards the end of 2010. From my Goodreads shelf, i picked out two i liked the most- 
Now between the two...hmmm... I would go with Up On Cloud Nine!! It was funny and an interesting read, very abstract sort of story line...Here is my review for it..


Up on Cloud Nine

If you want to join the 30 Day Book meme..You can sign up here! :)


  1. hey! new follower!! I love your blog and look forward to your posts! hope you will stop by mine and follow me!

    I have the fever cover reveal and a HUGE international giveaway with signed books going on to support the fight against cancer! =]

  2. Hi! Looking through your blog - very nice! I am hosting the Bookie Brunch on 8/21 and need to contact you about it -- but I couldn't find any "contact me" info on your blog. Could you please send me an email so I can send you the Brunch info? Thank you!!

    Jo --- email is: LiquidityofTime @ gmail . com


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