Harry Potter is over...*wail*

I watched the premier show for this movie sometime last week and I loved it! I hoped to re-read the book before watching it so i can grumble about what they skipped and what they altered, but I never managed to get the time! So I just watched it as it is and I enjoyed! The last movie seemed longer than the rest to me.
The last part- Deathly Hallows seemed incomplete to me. In these it seemed like the focus was only on Harry, Hermoine and Ron and even more on just Harry. It is the focus in the books too, but so is other stuff and the setting. The movie seemed so closed and confined to just the three of them. I kept looking out for not related to  them scenes. The movie didn't seem to indulge in the setting or the newly introduced characters-i.e . Luna Lovegood or perhaps Snape as prinicpal etc. Or stuff like Dumbledore's history or preparation of Voldermort's army. It seemed like the directors was suddenly just focused on hocrux recovery and Voldy's death.
Despite all this I loved the movie, especially the 3D! Evetually the fact that Harry Potter was now over seeped in and made me really sad. Harry Potter is the magical world we all grew up with..Its Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty types for us and now its over! *sniff*
Perhaps, I will do a re-reading and re-watching of the series to comfort myself and indulge in HP. Everyone seems to be biding farewell to the infamous series. Its the new big thing, cast included. But I guess, the media might publish a behind-the-scenes footage or HP extras movie or some such thing.*cross fingers* I hope they do, I actually like it enough to expect something of that sort.
Here is a video I found a link too that made me even sadder about Harry Potter ending...

Them then as lil kiddos...

And them now...


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