Day 13- Your Favorite Author(s)

Day 13- Your Favorite Author(s)

Ahhh! I have a a list for this one..

Sonya Hartnett for her amazing skills in Surrender
Frank Cottrell Boyce for humorous and absurdly engaging story line
Julia Quinn- for her 18th century romance
Holly Schindler for her poetic stories
Richelle Mead for the Vampire Academy! (what more can one say..*sigh*)
J.K. Rowling (for the most imaginative work of fantasy series) 
and my new favorite
wait for it..
(I just finished The Hobbit and I loved it so much..will tell you more in my (upcoming) review)


  1. The only Sonya Hartnett book i've read was Butterfly. But I really enjoyed it :)

  2. Even I have read only Surrender! :P but I loved it so much, she instantly became my favorite!


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