Did someone say Edible Books?

I know that is a HUGE image! But look at it- Food (chocolate)+ Books= the ultimate combo!
Beth over at Hungry Happenings, concocted a beautiful set of edible books!
The picture on BookNoise lead me to Hungry Happenings, where Beth has provided a recipe for this beauty! Ha! Its not even a trade secret and neither is it a photoshop-ed dream "come true". *chuckles*
The recipe for edible books seems fairly foolproof, she has tutorials on melting the chocolate in the right way and troubleshooting if you own version becomes a mess (isn't she a darling!). So her recipe is (almost) foolproof too!! I think I am going to attempt to make it once I am through ogling and praising Amazing Beth (P.S. Ogling the edible books I mean!)! If you have made it or are planning to make it..do not forget to leave me a link to the result of your attempt! Or even just shoot me an email, i would love to know how it turned out for you. I mean it! :)


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