How to make The Book of Luke by Jennifer O'Connell

                                                 The Book of Luke

a HUGE handful of
 Luke Preston (Du-h!) 
the hero of the whole drama
an entire pot of
 Emily Abbott 
daughter of Patricia Abbot-etiquette columnist. So she is well bred with all the rules and is generally suppose to be nice! Oh, she is the heroine!
a pinch of
Jackie and Lauren
 Em's best friends from Chicago
a tablespoon of
Josie and Lucy
 Em's best friends from Boston
a teaspoon of
Lucy's ex-boyfriend, from Chicago
a pinch of
Lucy's ex-boyfriends from Boston

Chop up a handful of Lucy's overlapping relationships, add in a cup of John Tucker Must Die and stir in a few drops of teenage rebellion. Then add a tablespoon of messed up family.Also add a spoonful of (each of)Em's best friends. Mix thoroughly and heat on the stove. Let it boil, reduce flame let it simmer and then pour it onto a plate and let it set.
Ta-da and there you have it The Book Of Luke! 
Oo for decoration you can do you own handmade icing cover for the books! :)

Its tasted good. Crunchy humor, soft plot, hot male protagonist. In fact really sweet protagonist..a female heroine which results in semi-goop in the Book of Luke platter.Overall the recipe was very plain and not very orignal. Just like the many other cakes, it was version with a little bit of tweaking here and there with a smarter and cooler hero. A variation of flavor by giving fresh background on the characters and their inside stories- for example- Patricia Abbott (Em's mum) fairly unique profession.

I would give it a

If you have trouble finding the ingredients, leave me a comment and I will do my best to help you find it! If you have tried out this recipe, tell me what you thought of you. Tell you what, leave me your commentary on the final product in the comments below! Would love to read them! 


  1. OMGods this is so cool! I love your 'how to make the book of Luke' recipe!

  2. :D ! Feel free to adopt it as long you remember to credit my blog! Would love to read your very own recipe review?! Don't forget to leave me a link too!


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