My YA's Top 10 Swoon Worthy Men Countdown!!!

Don't deny it! A lot of you use books as some sort of paranormal dating service. I know I do... Hook ups with Harry potter, kisses with Romeo and sunset metal fey sparring with Prince Ash. Sigh* Just the thought of it... 
Now I know these amazing male mind candies have effects that vary from person to person, but I'm also very smugly exposed to the fact that we may meet at mutual conclusions from time to time. I hope we'll be able to see eye to eye on my ideologies of men I don't mind worshiping. Here's a little countdown. Before we begin though here's a request...I'd like your opinions, choices and disapprovals to be known. Post your own list in the Comments Section and I'll build up a People's Choice: YA Males I'd Love to Snuggle With list. (Yes... embarrassing though it is, it shall be the designated title) Please!!! I'd love to know what you think, and what you contradict. Also some book suggestions if you don't mind. I need my paranormal romance -o-meter fueled pronto! 

On your mark... Ready, Set, Swoon!

10) Callum from Raised by Wolves:
Come on! He's intense, intelligent, a little over my age limit but so deliciously possessive and conflicted that you can't help but feel just a little bit inclined to fantasize about this beautiful sandy haired Alpha. 
Here's my ideal look for Callum. Even though this dude isn't exactly sandy haired. His gaze can bore a hole in your cranium. And I wouldn't mind him asserting dominance over me any time of day!  Mathew Bomer (White Collar)

9) Luke Preston from The Book of Luke: 
He's a hotty supremo! I'll take one of his kind super sized please... Okay maybe he isn't perfect. He's a little selfish, searingly practical and annoyingly adorable. I love his neutral, down to earth views and outlooks. His girl friend claimed that boys had to grow up, mature and stop hooking up like hormonal pigs...But he had this visionary contradiction- Why do girls allow themselves to be baited if they're so pissed off by manhood? I love it. He was a great fit for a Battle of the Sexes kind of book, because he could stand his ground and really drive like three girls off the edge and into the lank, dim gloom of failure. Loved the book, and loved him! Here's my ideal look for this desirable dude:  
 Ezra Miller (Perks of Being  a Wallflower)

8) Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments Series:
Jace is a dangerous indulgence. I dare you to disagree. The only reason he's sunken to a nine is because I haven't really read the Mortal Instruments yet. Just read some marvelous quotations from it and boy! Is Jace the king of cocky or what? I know a lot of us are all "Cocky is over-rated! Some times you need a serious guy to settle down with" but I'd rather live life with a bundle of laughs than a suicidal, morbid man who writes poetry about the death of his exes. Blech! Who needs that? You can witness first hand some Jace humor here. Also this is how I pictured Jace:  
 William Moseley (Prince Caspian)

7) Ethan Wate from the Caster Chronicles:
Now if we're talking sensitive, sweet and melancholy...I guess this is the way it should be. To sum it all up, Ethan is amazing, supportive and is three dimensional. There's so much more to him than what meets you first hand. Only problem being, he gets too clingy, attached and overly dependent. I could do without that, but I wouldn't mind having Ethan for myself...Unfortunately lucky twat Leah doesn't think so. Witch...
Here's the little dear:
 Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

6) Simon from the Siren Trilogy:
He's a geek! A weather pattern addict... How cute and unique is that? He's also played brother, friend and support to the story's protagonist. He's someone who'll shake you and bring you back to your senses when you're misled, he'll support you in a fight and he'll always carry you home when you're a drunken heap. No exceptions! Ever! He may sound like a slave boy, but believe me, he's got character, individuality, passion and his own boundaries. And he DEFINITELY does not have cling syndrome. 
To clip a face on Simon, I couldn't help but play cliche... You all know and love this dude because he's everyone's favorite nerdy looking bloke: 
 Daniel Radcliffe (Harry potter, December you didn't know!) 

5) Prince Ash from the Iron Fey Series:
He's gorgeous, faithful, emotionally scarred but can step up to fight at any given opportunity! He's often noted for his grace, and his readiness to contradict you and tell you how stupid you're being without a plausible reason...But we all like the hard to get types don't we? Oh wait! Did I mention...he's a fairy! STD's aside, you can't help but wonder how he kisses right? He's just indescribably amazing... Okay...I can describe him, but I'm not here to write essays. So here's me bringing you up to speed: He's loyal, funny, smart, stubborn, cheeky and sarcastic. Sigh times a million! 

Sorry, starting now I'm not providing pics for any of the guys keeping in mind that I'd rather leave my imagination and yours to conjure them up...because honestly they're really too perfect to find in movies or perhaps just life in general. 

4) W.W Hale the Fifth from Heist Society:
How do you describe perfection? Hale's hot, and he knows it...but sometimes this vulnerable side creeps up and you have to wonder, "Does he really?". He's protective, stubborn, goofy, sexy and is known to have a lean yet buffed up body and light brown hair. Yet the most brilliant thing about him is that you really can connect with him. He's got life like depth and you wonder whether this story was based on a real guy, because he isn't just this one thing...He's like the waves rash and unpredictable. He's also a thief and a crafty genius at that! Devoured the story up because of him!

The next few fellas had me bawling my eyes out because they're all really equally wonderful...So I'll just provide their names and descriptions and leave the adequate arrangements to you... 

Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
I loved him! He's a child and has innocent views and everything but he's sweet, brave and charismatic. He isn't one to go lusting for women but rather would let things with anyone he likes fall in place on their own. I really like how generous and acknowledging he can be. He isn't always in denial when things that are considered impossible seem to show up. And he's warm, kind and supportive. Not to mention sarcastic, silly and funny. He's a real person... He's different from everyone else. And I really love that about him. Sorry I'm getting kinda bleary eyed right now...

Brent from intrinsical: 
Sigh* Where should thou begin? Brent is cocky, cheesy, sensationally funny, flirtatious and much to his chagrin he's also caring, moving, sweet, adjusting and a day dream. Those are a few adjectives that describe not even 1/4th of the multitude of things that he is. I'm sure you've realized that I adore characters that can be many things at once. Some what like real people where you think you have them all mapped out, but one day they come home with a bouquet of flowers and surprise the hell out of you! Brent is just that. He seems to careen out of the way when feelings come into the equation and refuses to commit, but you can feel rather than read his desires and anticipations. Brent like a real person has his list of phobias and yet can only be described as perfect. Honestly you may think that's impossible...But I really can't find fault in this guy....he's complicated and powerful, and if you were to be with him, you'd spend most of your time just wondering what he's always thinking about when he sits in front of a window staring out at the rain. I'd stop after one point and just start clicking pictures of how breath taking the sight can be. 

Lochan Whitley from Forbidden:
Lochan...Oh dear. I don't know...he's beautiful yes, but he's DEEP. I wouldn't describe him by character, but rather by his thoughts and emotions... because they are what define him. He writes, he dreams, he really works  numbingly hard and he mulls and cries and dies only to wake up one morning and find more reasons to live..I know I mentioned above that I don't like the depressed types...but Lochan...He's surpasses what I think, and becomes more about the kind of feelings he can evoke in you. They're only the kind that someone you truly love can spark inside. Believe me when I say that through out this book all you'll want to do is meet Lochan and make him happy, care for him because he's spent his whole life dismissing himself for the joy of others and talk to him...just you Because he has so much to share, so many questions he can answer and so many that he can ask. He seems to have experienced it all at a young age and is buried under the weight of all the sadness that knowing can afflict you with. You'll want to share it with him, and be his anchor to living and never letting go, you'll want to be his hope...But I'll tell you what you wouldn't want to be... his sister. Read Forbidden and find out exactly what I mean. :'(

I'm ending this rant now...
Love and fistbumps forever,
Halinor Everdeen Cipriano. 


  1. Aww! This post was moving..esp the last bit! Super post.our convo inspired you huh?!! All the guys sound like a load of amazeballs! Except the Spiderwick Chronicle dude..he seems way too small for kid brother small! :P


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