Presenting a Read-a-thon brought to you by Amanda! *drumroll*


Ooo another Read-a-thon! Remember the last one? Where I only managed to read one (HUGE) book!
Well I will strive for more this time..Since its almost a week or reading..
Amanda over at On a BookBender (like the Air Bender! cool!) is hosting one from the 22nd August to the 28th of August!
I wont get to ambitious..I will target for 5..but it may go down a little and become a smaller figure..because
a) I have school to attend to
b) I have school work to attend to
c) I am School President, so I have extra work to attend to
d) did i mention school work already?
Soo..I may be a little slow for this one..But since its a Read-a-thon maybe I shall try to squeeze out more time for reading than usual! :D
Thank you so much for hosting Amanda! Do stop by her blog sometime..its pretty cool! :D

(20th August 2011)
Reporting live from the 
Starting line...
I am just going to do all my updates in one post..with the exception of a wrap up post..It keeps thing simple and less apart! :)

Here is the schedule...

8/22 — My Book Boyfriend Matchmaker Challenge and Giveaway, The Unread Reader
…………..Giveaway, Not Now…I’m Reading!
8/23 — BDB 1 and 2 by J.R. Ward Giveaway, Stacey Says and Cyndi Sews (Stacey)
…………..Surprise Giveaway, Tina’s Book Reviews
8/24 — Pick-a-Series Giveaway, Smitten with Reading
8/25 — Pick It Up, then Pile It Up Challenge and Giveaway, Actin’ Up with Books
8/26 — The Book of Lost Souls Giveaway, On a Book Bender
…………..Tea Giveaway and Challenge, 25 Hour Books
8/27 — 1 book from the BD (up to $15) Giveaway, Rain Maiden Jen (On a Book Bender)
8/28 — E-book of Sleepers by Megg Jensen, Creative Deeds
2 more days for the Read-a-thon to kick off..Will think up a tentative list by then...

22nd August 2011
Day 1
The actual read-a-thon flip off (haha..get it? :P)

I read 

I hoped to finish it by the end of today! I probably will by tomorrow morning! :)

Today's events were:
 a Challenge hosted by Missie over at the Unread Reader- which was really hard, so i didn't participate! :( 
a Giveaway hosted by  Jen D over at Not now..I'm Reading!- the books were not my cup of no sign ups there either! double :(

How was you Day 1? 

23rd August 2011
Day 2
Flipping pages continues..Some of us are probably closing a novel and moving onto a new beginning....

Great Gatsby

I finished Stillwatch! :D *happy jig*
And I am targeting to finish the Great Gatsby by tomorrow! I was already reading this one from before the read-a-thon and decided to put it on my list and finish it up once and for all! 

So 1 down 4 to go from my target of 5

Today's events:
2 Giveaways 

"Now down to business, I was lucky enough to win the first 2 Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward from Tara @ 25 Hour Books and now I’ve enjoyed and want to share with you!  Winning is simple answer one question,..."

"Well my little read-a-thon lovelies today Im offering one lucky winner an array of choices to grace your reading shelves. The goods= four choices from a bundle of books. The rules: You only need to be participating in the Bout of Books Read-a-thon and you have to leave a comment. Giveaway ends at 11:59 tonight and the winner will be able to pick from these prizes."

Okay now here is a little thing I've thought of for Day 4..It isn't part of the schedule, but just to get interacting..I would like to include little quotes from each of you all for my Day 4 post! Sooo It would be cool if you guys emailed (id is on the Story of Us page (top, right hand corner) me a couple of lines on your progress and read-a-thon progress! Basically anything read-a-thon related, even a quick shout out would be cool! 
I know its quicker to leave me a comment but the whole purpose of doing it specifically for Day 4 would be lost. So you have a day to get in touch with me!
Looking forward to your emails! :D

24th August 2011
Day 3 
*stretch out a bit* Refill coffee mug..get comfortable again..Pick up next novel...
Brighter Than the Sun (The Lyndon Sisters #2)

I finished The Great Gatsby!! WOW! 
I am so proud of myself, I haven't read this fast in a long time! 
2 down 5 to go!

Today's event:
Pick a Series Giveaway hosted by Christi Snow at Smitten With Reading

I finished the today's book in one sitting (at least the last half) waiting for my appointment with the school director..! *grin*

How was your Day 3? 


25th August 2011
*close novel 3 with deep sigh* rubs eyes..catch a quick nap..resume reading book 4...

Living Together (Sweet Valley University, #51)

I finished Brighter Than the Sun..ahh so I do have it in me to finish a book in half a day!
3 down 2 go! Target 5
Status: Lazy day..curled up in bed and read the whole day instead of writing essays that are due soon..hehe

Today's event:

Actin' Up with Books is hosting Pick it Up, Then Pile it Up Challenge Giveaway
The fun-est giveaway ever! Since its require picture taking I will delay my entry by a day perhaps, because I need to stack up my pile and do a photoshoot..hehe! You HAVE to stop by her blog! :D

"Many of us joined the Bout of Books Read-a-thon because our To Be Read piles are Out Of Control. We see books we want, we pick them up, then we pile them up to be read one day -- some day."

I am saddened to inform you that nobody got in touch with me..So no quotes..*deep sigh*
How was your Day 4?


26th August 2011
Day 5 

*yawns*....sips coffee...*falls asleep with exhaustion*...wakes up..Still on book 4 I didn't manage to finish a book, not even SVU..
I know I know..Had a super busy day...celebrating friend's B'day, no time to read. But I am on schedule..If I finish SVU...which I probably will by tomorrow, then I am 1 book away from target with a day to spare for Book 5.. :D

My day was long, fun and now I am tired. Didn't manage to much reading, just quick snatches during meal times. hehe

Status: 3 books down 2 to go.

What is the scene with you Read-a-thon pile? O.o


  1. I'm all for keeping things simple and together!

    Gook luck reading your five books! With any luck school won't interfere too much with your reading. ;)

  2. Good luck with all the school things and the read-a-thon:)

  3. Good luck with school, oh yeah, and the read-a-thon! I'm hosting a challenge and giveaway on Thursday and hope you can participate.

    Happy Reading!

  4. Yeah I have work all week so I completely understand ;) I have 10 books on my read-a-thon list which I'm thinking was too ambitious, lol.

    Happy Reading! Good Luck!

  5. Good luck with your school work! Goodness knows I don't miss homework one bit. ;-)

    Good luck with the read-a-thon and happy reading!

  6. Stopping by to cheer you on for the read-a-thon -- oh and to be a newbie follower of your blog :)

    Sending reading power....

    bitsy bling books


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