Quick review Equations

The Sixties (Big Ideas)   
 Sex+ Drugs+Rock n Roll =the 60's
This is a memoir written by Jenny Diski, who was a young carefree youth enjoying the Swinging Sixties. I've always had a fascination for that era! I don't usually read "serious" books like Biographies, Autobiographies or memoirs of any sort but this was an exception. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would totally recommend this if your into History and the Swinging sixties.
Humor- 1  Engaging read-2 Fascinating information-1

  The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency  
Mama Ramotswe+ the Kalhari+ bizzare cases+ white van+ inherited money= The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
This was a recommended to me by my friend's mum! It was a fun read written in fairly simple diction, it almost seemed patronizing.It had a lot of hidden parable type messages with most of the cases based on moral (subtly). I took a long time to finish it because it was a slow read, nothing gripping about..it was like a leisure walk. Read it of your into African fiction and are looking for a breezy read, one with minimal exertions.

Interesting characters- 1 and breezy storyline - 1

Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl, #4)

Captain Holly Short (fairy elf)+ Artemis Fowl (12 year old criminal master mind)+ Butler (huge bodyguard)+ Cunning evil pixie = The Opal Deception
This middle grade novel is such a cute read! I find Artemis Fowl a very exciting read which never fails to engage me. I would recommed this if your into middle grade fantasy novels and 12 year old masterminds! :)

Being Artemis Fowl-2 intelligent and exciting-1 super plot-1

Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras (Mates, Dates, #1)

Mates (best buds)+ Dates (cute boys)+ Inflatable bras(for the poorly boobed)+ tween crisis on self-esteem and image= Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras
This too was a cute read. I thought it was a YA at first but it turned out to be middle grade. It was hilarious and had an engaging story.

Super title (very attention grabbing)- 2 Fun story- 1

  Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl, #5)
Artemis Fowl+ Holly Short+ Butler+ time unravelling and shooting out demons+ warlocks+ female mastermind (winks)= The Lost colony
Artemis Fowl again. A series I keep up with regularly! This one also had an engaging plot which kept me hooked! 
Being Artemis Fowl-2 intelligent and exciting-1 super plot-1 (AGAIN! thats how good it is!)

  The Afghan
Al Queda operation to foil+ intelligence agencies+ super clever spies+ danger,guns, bombs and other nasties= The Afghan
This recommended to me by my Blogger buddy- Halinor. It was an okay read with an okay plot and an okay setting. It had the typical thriller and i-am-smarter-than-you-suspicious air to it! The story was good enough to engage me! A recommendation if your into the Al Queda and undercover missions!
being okay-1 engaging enough to finish it-1 

Mysterious plague+4 scientist encaged in an underground facility+ scientific jargon+ suspicious and secretive government activity= the Andromeda Strain
I like science related fiction. I find it quite fascinating with all the explanations. I don't love it by I like reading them occasionally. I always make it a point to read a Crichton once in a while. This was thrilling and actually quite exciting. The discovery and plot development was slow but had suspense and thrilled me! 
Being a Crichton-1 science explanation-1 Suspense and Thrill-1

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

Sequel to P&P+ free thinking Mary Bennet+ "revolutionary" Mr Angus+ Highway men+Mr Darcy= The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet.
The fact that it was a sequel (and always sat in the same place on the library shelf every time I went) made me pick this one up! It was a sore disappointment. It totally thrashed Pride and Prejudice and all its characters and all that trouble Jane Austen put into it! The idea that Mary gets a life is all very well but there was no need to thrash Mr Darcy and the rest of the Bennet family. The book made me detest P&P for a while and  made me cross. The story had an irrelevant addition of "adventure" which made the book so much more sillier!
I am not to sure of whether I would recommend it all, but after this review if your curious to judge for yourself then go ahead!
(no fingers for being a disappointment)
but the digit for
Being a sequel and giving Mary a lover- 1


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