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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because The Broke and the Bookish folks are fans of creating list!. 

Each week  a new Top Ten list  that one of the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. 

I've been wanting to make these list ever since i spotted this meme..(which was months ago!!). But as fate would have it..I would either be too late to do a list or i wouldn't be able to type up enough content on the chose theme!!
Today I finally decided to do one...*20th century fox track*

So here I am Kiwi, bringing to you Top Ten Tuesday's list of 

Top Ten Trends You Would Like to See More or Less of...

 1.More of Steampunk! Actually a lot more of Steampunk broken down for the newbies (such as me!). Steampunk is not rocket science, but its a fascinating genre which I am still getting the grips of! Why? Because this genre is spoken to little off..I know there is a spot on the cyber space dedicated to this genre..but I mean more in terms of books..and I mean YA Steampunk..not Mortal Engines type of Steampunk! Did that make sense? or was i going around the mulberry bush too much?! :P

2. Less of Vampires!! Ever since Twilight, the book industry has been flooded with Vampire flicks! Its like an invasion, not just books even television and movies. Okay I can't name too many other than Twilight but I am sure of it! Esp that period where P.C Casts novels and Vampire Diaries and a bundle of others came in! It was awful and tiresome to have so many novels going about lusty hot-bodies Vamps getting steamy with regular Joes (female ones..)! I know we've had lusty Vampires around for a while now, but suddenly it feels like an OD!

3. More of Thriller YA's! Interesting thrillers...not the ones that wind up with the male and female protagonist introduced in the beginning into steamy relationships by the end of the story! Intriguing thriller like Mara Dyers for instance..(I haven't read it but from the gist of it..) Stories that focus on the mystery nature and element of the novel!

4.Less of the Supernatural theme!! Its soo tiresomee! Everybody has a fallen angel, or a mysterious hottie who can walk through dimensions, or a freak who can talk to the dead or a teen who can become a werewolf and so on! I admit that these books seem to produce some of the hottest male protagonist..but still..I avoid the genre as much as i can and yet i find it tiresome. I may not have read too much in the genre to praise it it but i still feel there should be less of these!!

5. More of Sci-Fi YA!! These seem to have fascinating plot lines, though they often end up merging with the Dystopian genre. But some such as Wild Child and A Gift from the Stars by Mike Wells or Genesis by Bernard Beckett!(this one is a judgement based on reading synopsis and first few pages!) Now why more of these- The love story doesn't become the focus and make the book a drag, the innovative nature of the sci-fi issue make it engaging on intellectual levels and also display creativity of the author rather than repetitive commercial themes!

6. Less series!! First of all I hate reading series, with a few exceptions! But now almost every book comes in series with sequels and prequels! Then the story just drags and drags and the twist become so silly you want to bash the books, but because its a book and your a book lover to refrain. But you get my point? Series make a story line exhaustive! YA in my opinion is a commercial genre because books sell well among us! So story qualities are often minimal and when a plot is made into series then the author seems to be squeezing here story and characters for details and drama! 

7.More YA adaptations of Classics and older stories. Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray would be an illustration of what I mean. Using old class story ideas for modern YA re-telling..Snow-white, Wuthering Heights, A Midsummer Night types of "old stories" I mean! I find it fascinating when an author can incorporate fresh character and put life into old old stories...

8. Less love dilemmas! I know everybody's going to frown the size of craters when you read this; but seriously there is way too much love in the air. I am not a hater, in fact i love a sappy book or one with a couple or two. But it seems like way too much now. Every story has a love triangle or dilemma which makes the story all subjective and steals spotlight.This is like a getaway for a writer, if your story idea is not all that strong just throw in a couple with lots of tension and voila good book selling like hot cakes only because the heroine could not resist the charms of a super natural mass murder!! So instead of pouring over a book for the smashing story setting..we're all getting weepy or pull out hair  because of silly love birds of hormone infused kissing and touching!! 

9. More switching time periods! Twentieth and future centuries are not fun anymore. Our head is crammed with possible tech or global warming type disasters! It would be nice to read more go-back-in-time novels. Stories that go right back and describe in detail the hippies or the flappers or the drug lords etc. Tales that have an exciting back drop not a droll modern teen who can't stop plumping her lips in secret or a 21 year old in a mid-life crisis types!! I am big history buff so its makes a book all the more engaging when the era is well researched and way back in time! I know the last bit was a bit round-abouty..but you see what I am trying to gett at?

Okay now I am stuck..I put so much thought into the 9...I cant go any further..I will mull over it and probably add the 10 to the list later..But for now this is what is my Top Ten (Nine for now) List this Tuesday! :D

Drop me a link to your in the comments section..


  1. I agree about series. I love some of them, but most of the time when I love them, it's a trilogy. Trilogies are easier to manage. It's harder to exhaust the story line, and it's the perfect amount when I want more of something. Harry Potter and Pretty Little Liars are my exceptions--I love both of those series. Otherwise, I most likely won't pick it up. Vampire Diaries? House of Night? Blue Bloods? Mortal Instruments? Haven't really read any of them. There are too many books in their series. Plus, like you, I'm really, really, really sick of vampires. And werewolves.


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