Twin Shot Tuesdays

Do you make lists of random things in your head? I do. At a small age we are all taught to recognize patterns and learn to group them. So often involuntarily to remember thing better the brain begins to make its own archive of all information it collects over time about certain objects. This also includes matching things like colors, titles, names, meanings etc. This helps recall better in future.
That was intellectual ramble which was meant to be a prologue to my meme! :D

If you followed my train of thought then you probably aren't wildly headbanging against the computer in distress. If you are then...

Presenting Twin Shot Tuesdays

Two shots of music with the same title but different artist and tune.

Title- Dance(ing) in the Dark

Shot 1#Lady Gaga

Shot 2 # Dev

Black leather in both videos
Lots of boobage
Both of em selling sex like crazy
Funky haircuts and attire
Dancing in the Dark

Just for fun try this out..
Mute the volume for one video and watch the video for the other. They sorta go pretty well with each others music. Messing around with different scenes to improve connections makes it a lot more fun! Hehe..Juvenile I know..but so funny! *chuckles*


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