What Flavor Tea Are You? *points finger at you* (yes you there!)

What I got?
"You are funky and creative. You like to turn the world upside down just for fun. You believe that some of the best things in life are undiscovered. You are very attracted towards the offbeat. You're the type of person who likes music, movies and places no one has heard of. You're not weird...you're just attracted to the quirkier side of life. So much in this world is underrated!"

A little something I found in Ann's Reading Corner! :D
Its so cool (like literally), I love what it says about me, so true!
What Flavor are YOU?


  1. Thanks for visiting my little reading corner today. I love these funny little quizzes. Mine pretty much hit me on the head, because I am a homebody, and love to read.


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