List-o-mania! Do you like making lists? (Come join the fun!)


Soo I was just mentally counting things in my head, I do that when I am trying to find something to do or fall asleep. In the case here something to do and blog about! It also helps me calm down or neutralize feeling if I am too upset to do anything else. Its like deep breathes! So i counted up random things and made a list..

Here is a list of random lists..(ha!)
Number of:
blogs I am following: 235 (I actually sat and counted..hehe)
people following my blog: 104! (omg! *Squeeel*)
posts on my blog till date: 259 (inclusive of drafts)
my tweets till date: 250
My twitter follower: 39
People I am following on twitter: 80
people who "like" my page on Facebook: 10
books I have read this year: 52
friends I have on Goodreads: 63
texts in my cellphone inbox: 122
toe-sies I have- 10
people in my class- 3 (including me!)
books I have on my (real not the virual ones) TBR shelf- 6
book on my virtual (Goodreads) TBR list- 333 you enjoy making lists? No? What are your thoughts on lists then?
I am curious..I am officially making this a- Give your opinion on lists post too! :D
Oo also if you want to make a list of your own and go ahead..I would love to read it..
Leave me a link and I solemnly swear to come see it!
Random funny tip for your sure to include a are fun! *silly grin*


  1. I'm a sucker for lists. It's second nature to me. I have to make lists of anything and everything. Recently I've started making lists of books to read from the titles I found at All you can books and I can tell you they are endless. The lists that is.


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