Monthly Theme Post


is something like a monthly meme! 
Every month Sophistique Noir picks out a theme and uploads pictures related to the chosen theme.
This month- September's theme is Boots!
My favorite-est theme ever!
I have a HUGE thing for boots, sadly I only two and out of those only one fits me! :(
Nonetheless here are the photos I have put together for this Month's Theme Post

All of them depict the Theme Boots differently, hence the compilation. 
The last one are my very own boots , the ones that don't fit me! :( 
And can you believe it was the biggest size the store had!
*hmph* my poor big feet! 
Oh and the source for my pictures is We<3 it!
Are you participating in the Monthly Theme Post event? Leave me a link to your post.

P.S. I know my selection isn't as dark as Sophistique's...*sheepish grin*

Oh! And a closure to the post..


  1. Oh, you reminded me that I should have shown my yellow rubber boots as well. But maybe it was best to leave them, they are dirty with soil.

  2. I love this compilation! So much variety. I have a pair very similar to the second-to-last photo. Those are my favorite style of all time. But oooh, the glittery silver ones are delightful!! No worries about not being so "dark" - you have the dark side represented, so you totally qualify! ;)

  3. What a lovely compilation. I think you have managed to capture many different facets of boot love. I especially like the second picture!


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