Monthly Theme Post- October

is something like a monthly meme! 
Every month Sophistique Noir picks out a theme and uploads pictures related to the chosen theme.

This month- October- the theme is Lace


Lace is a very fine open fabric designed by making open holes by looping, twisting or knitting patterns threads.
This is an ancient craft that dates back to the 15th century. Originally lace was made of either silk, linen or gold. More often silk; now cotton and in come cases synthetic fiber is used for lace making. 
Lace was originally exclusive to the Church, Monarch and elite class. Towards the beginning of the 16th century, it became a widespread fabric used by all classes. It is still to some extent reserved for special occasion even today.


Here are the names of some different types of lace; they have been categorized based on their make...
- Needle Lace
-Bobbin Lace
-Tape Lace
-Knotted Lace
Knitted Lace
-Machine-made lace

If you want the specifics of each of these types, here is the link to the Wikipedia page and if you enjoy illustrations then here are pictures! :)


The English word for "lace" originates from the French "lassis or lacis". Originally these two words can be traced back to the Latin word- "laques"- which means a snare, trap or noose.

Dragonfly is an online store that sells theatrical costumes and other related garment. Among their sales I discovered this lot of accessories that are made of lace. You can have a look at them over here. is a dutch based company that specialize in cotton lace and "much more" . Fascinating huh? They sell some very cool lacy stuff! 

In honour of  Sophistique Noir

"A grandmother's love is like beautiful lace - a precious gift of time and love. "

"Lace is as much about the space between the threads as it is about the threads themselves."
Lori Howe


*a twirl in this pwetty dress to end the show*

#116, black, black and white, couture by night, dress

*or perhaps a pose in this one for the camera* 


  1. This was such a wonderful and interesting post. :3

  2. Beautiful post! I love those quotes and that parasol. :)

  3. Excellent idea to do a post on the history of lace. And what a charming way to dress up a cupcake! I love when people use fabrics of any kind in unconventional ways. Thank you for taking part in the October theme!!

  4. What a great introduction to lace! As you point out, lace is a really diverse category of fabric and you collected a great variety of uses and types. I love the white dress at the bottom, such an interesting use of lace and other sheer fabrics.

  5. I loved that you went into the etymology and the history of lace - well done! The pictures are pleasing, too.

  6. What a beautiful post about laces! Ive been wanting a lace umbrella for a long time so I will check up your links.

  7. Wow, what a fascinating and informative post-for as much as I wear and even sew with lace, I don't *think* about it that much, so it's nice to learn a little about it. And that second to last dress-gorgeous beyond belief!

  8. Wow! I never knew that much about lace before. Thank you for this lovely and informative post! :)

  9. I love the lace quotes. Especially as someone who "collects" quotes, I really appreciate that you thought to look them up and include them.


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