Bangalore Jam [Take one] # Drongographer

"Bring out the bread 
and get your Saturday Spread of
Bangalore Jam!"

The anticipated feature has gotten rolling FINALLY! :)
This week I bring you a spread on the Drongographer.

So what is Drongography all about? 

"Drono-graphy. Just a photo blog, well almost.
- Drongographer (Facebook)

I picked Drongography this week, because 
a) He replied first to my message.
b) because photography looks like the in thing. Oh, well everything on Facebook looks like the in thing! :P
But seriously its 'cause the Dronographer interests me.
The logo- (Drongo bird) & the pictures (black and white).
So I decided to do a post on him, his story and his photography!

The Drongo tale...

How did Drongography start off?

"I've been fascinated with cameras for as long as I can remember. That my Father was a professional photographer may have been one of the reasons. I remember taking pictures with a film "Yashica" camera when I was like in the 3rd grade and I also remember how frustrated I used to get when the pictures came out blur because I had a tendency to shake the camera. I think I've come a long way since then. I started digital photography with a Nikon that a friend of the family owned, when he came down to Bangalore [I mentioned him in my blog]. This was when I was in the 7th grade. He was impressed with my photographs I guess because once he got back he sent me the camera from there! I couldn't have been happier! It was a 3.2 mp camera [highest that you could get in those days] a Nikon 3200. I don't have any pictures I took with that camera thought; unfortunately because my hard drive crashed and that was that. Ever since I knew that Facebook had the option of starting a 'page' I decided to open once of my own and put up picture I thought were interesting. I never got around to doing it till now- I'm very lazy- I have starting problems. Anyways once I got motivated enough I realized Facebook was full of budding photographers and so I was determined to do things differently. After much time spent day dreaming/brain storming and consulting friends and family I decided to start a photo blog. I noticed everyone had a photography page usually named after their own name- 'x photography and y photography' so I decided I won't use my name!"

Instead, he went for Drongography (you guessed it! :D) 
That, I think is an interesting choice of name,
 why Drongographer?

When my friends and I were on a trip in Masinagudi [tiger reserve in Tamil nadu] we stayed in a forest rest house where each room was given a name of a bird. I happened to be in the 'Parakeet' room and my friend the 'Drongo' room. Drongo I just loved the ring that it had to it and so I decided I will name my blog Drongo Photography, but I found out that another photographer had already gone with this because he had 'Drongo' in his name [he is really good, check him out] so that's how drongography came about. 
FYI The Drongo is also known as the king of crows in India. In Australia however Drongo is slang for stupid, supposedly because of the seemingly madcap attacks these birds are prone to launch []. I thought this was perfect because I wanted to keep my pictures as original as possible i.e. without the use of 'photoshop'. 
So Drongo graphy also means stupid graphy - don't get me wrong, what I mean by this is I want to take pictures that will motivate/inspire people to take awesome pictures, with any kind of camera without rewiring the use of any software to edit the picture. 
Just like what a very talented FB photographer says or makes it a point to say- "It's not what camera you have, but what you can do with the camera you have." 
So you can say what i actually mean by 'Drongography' is 'Simple-graphy' hence the no 'B.S.' sign on the poster [if you noticed]."

His story...

"I am Samuel Bushi, I am 20 years old 
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.I moved here only four months ago.
I am looking to study photography at 'Grand Rapids Community College'
Apart from taking pictures,I play the guitar and drums a little.
I absolutely love motorbikes and 
I am very passionate about dirt bike racing."
Fast facts:
"5 things about me that will surprise people?
1. I had to ask my sister to help em make this list.
2. I never payed attention to dialog's in movies until a couple of years ago.
3. I can balance myself on an exercise ball [sitting].
4. When I'm doing something that makes me uncomfortable or feel awkward I hum.
[I make up the tun.]
5. I can hula hoop!"

The Bangalore JAM-ing riff..

What do you love most about Namma Bengaluru?
"I love the food, the traffic (*gasp* really?!) and also that I can ride my bike throughout the year!
Its home, how can you state reasons for loving home?"
An activity/place-to-be you unique to Bangalore,
that you would recommend?
"There is the place behind MS Ramiah college that sells the best egg roll in Bangalore."
"Bangalore is home to some of the best bands in the county- there are shows every weekend.
You must check out "The Bicycle Days", they're one of my favorites."

"Bangalore also happens to be home to the best dirt bike racers in India. You MUST go watch a local racing event once in your life, you will not regret it! 
There is no official website that lists when or where these events take place, get in touch with your local two-wheeler mechanic or get in touch with 
Kumar from V.L Auto Works in Kavanagar and mention my name, he will help you [he is also one the best two wheeler mechanics in Bangalore."

Where to find him (Kumar, I mean):
V.L Auto works
Nehru Road
Opposite Ramoo Flour Mill

 I like the rawness in the Drongographer's pictures. There's something that catches
your eye and is stark and visible. I can't put a finger to what exactly, but each picture has
its own raw trait. Like for instance the Grandpa and his cycle, the composition of a simple man with his simple bike among this fast paced "sophisticated world". Of course, the last bit is not in the picture. But it makes me smile when I put these two and contrast them in my head, and admire the picture.  

What do you think of his works? 
Got any advice, suggestions, queries, question, to make...
Keep reading.. hehe..
make them on his Facebook page, he will get back to you! :)

To see some more of them..
Go to the Drongographer's Facebook page,
to see pictures (exclusives, not included in Facebook album) along with some writing drop by his home (the cyberspace one!) 

Thank you Sam for being a part of my feature 
and than you folks for being here to read my feature! :D
Until next Saturday!

Edited on 10/04/2016


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