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Photo credits: Weheartit

I know lying down and reading is not healthy, but that looks so perfect for curling up and reading on a cold night. The fluffy mattress, the plump pillows looks so inviting. And the scrap-wall looks so cute. Though the lights will probably make me go blind after a while; I speak from experience mind you! And also if your bunk mate is a not very quiet sleeper. :/
But otherwise I LOVE it. Its nothing to fancy and prim that I'd be worried about keeping clean and organized all the time. My own reading corner is somewhat similar- the bed and pillow deal. 
So I can connect with this one. 
What do you think?
Agree or do you have your own nook to show me..?


  1. Looks nice :) I love the colors, they are very girly.

  2. I agree about the lights -- they might drive me a bit crazy after a while, but I like how fanciful this looks!

  3. I took might feel seasick with the lights but it's a cool looking room. :D I've tried bunk beds too and there were times I wish I was sleeping on the floor instead haha.

  4. That looks like such an awesome place to read! I love the lights too, so pretty!

  5. Since you like photos, mine would be some place like this:


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