Introducing the all new Bangalore Jam!

Took me a while to put this post together because I could't find all the right words to tie into this post, I don't mean this in a cheesy way, I really couldn't.
So here goes, I bring to you an all new feature:
 Bangalore Jam!
Its a more local feature..

As the name suggests, it will give you guys a spread on Bangalore city 
Initially I was only going do interviews on Bangalore based people who do interesting things. But then I decided to go all in and feature the entire city. This way I have posting content to keep me occupied all year round; because you know what if I run out of people?! (like that is possible ha!But what if..) It also gives me an opportunity to practice my travel writing skills and introduce my fellow bloggers and viewers to my gorgeous city!

[photo credits: to the Dronographer]

I've lived in Bangalore all my life, so I am technically a Banglorean, I just wasn't born here. That can be ignored (right?!). I adore the city and I always get city-sick if I am away from it for too long. 
IMPORTANT# Bangalore and Bengaluru are inter-changeable names for the same city.

We were once upon a time called Garden City but all our gardens have been replaced by IT hubs and led to a name change. We are now referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. That part I am not proud of, yes we've got the brains, the research institutes, the glass building the crazy communications sectors; but they cost us our greens, being an eco-freak it makes me sad..

Sob story aside, we are the (second) fastest growing metropolitan city. Our achievements- we are the capital of Karnataka, we are the third most populated city, demographically diverse, major economy..and the list goes on...

According to Wikipedia we got our name from a battle and some guards. In school I was told a different story. We did this whole school project on our city, its history,culture,toursit spots etc etc. My version is that long ago, this very old lady was cooking Benda Kaalu in the middle of a forest clearing.. (baked beans).
Around the same time, a lost king along with his horse stumbled into the clearing starved. The lady was old and kind so she shared her beans with the King. Grateful and touched by her generosity he named the clearing and the area around it Bendakaaluru. "Uru" usually means village in Kannada; so to start of with we were called the Baked Beans Village! :D
 Over time the name evolved to Bengaluru and now Bangalore. Between the last two it keeps alternating from person to person.
 This is just a tale, one can't be sure. I am going to skip the history lesson (for today) and get on with the post. I can't use up ALL my contents on just this post now can I?

Now beans aside, we are still a green and gorgeous city. Our city is an assorted mix of "demographically diverse" people, food, coffee, cows, traffic,metro, fly-overs, buses, gardens, IT buildings and many more things. I could discuss our city some more but it would make this post endless; because I'd get crazy excited and find 101 things to go on about.
 Nuf said for today!
I hope to cover them all in this feature. 
Its meant to be almost like a virtual blog tour of the city one feature/place/fixation/person at a time. 
Hope you have fun and are bedazzled. 
I will be posting every Saturday.
So bring out the bread
and Get your spread of Bangalore Jam!


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