What have I been doing, when I wasn't blogging? (#1)

What have I been doing is short feature that is going to tell you what I have been upto instead of blogging. 

I was originally going to make it one post. Surprisingly it turned out to be very long, so I decided to make it a series of posts. 


Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles, #2)

This, I won a copy of in a giveaway. I have this habit of pushing books that I own down the TBR shelf. They go right at the end, since I own them. But I picked it up, because I was looking for a hardback to do some art and convert into a clutch. Crazy I know! It took me forever to even consider damaging a book for vanity. *sigh*. But its recycling, especially if its a book I don't like. Except turns out I did enjoy the book even though it was not my genre of tea.
This was the second in a series of 5 (so far). I read this one without reading the prequel. The story goes something like this, Ethan Wate is in love with Lena Duchaness, it appears that they started their fling in the previous book. In this one, Ethan has been accustomed to the fact that she is a dark Caster, creature from the underworld. In fact, I think the whole town of Gatlin, where the novel's been set seems to be comfortable with the thought of a dark world, another dimension existing beneath their feet.
Anyway, Lena's on a very important stage of her life in the Caster world, choosing to be Light or Dark. In the process she undergoes emotional dilemma accepting her powers and taking in the funeral of her uncle (whom she was close to). During phase emo, she gets distant from her lover boy- Ethan despite the psychic connections they share. 
He is madly in love with her and goes on an Alice in Wonderland style quest for her with his best friend Link, and a English girl who is not who she appears to be- Olivia. Together they set out to look for Lena, who has runaway with a dangerous vampire hybrid creature into dangerous of course! Involved in the book are various characters with supernatural abilities like spirit calling, divination, persuasion and so on..

I was having a reading block, before I picked up this novel. I started reading with the sole purpose of cutting up this book, because it was pretty but didn't sound like my thing. But as I got into it, I ended up spending days absorbed in the books. I also admire the fact that two authors could work together on one series and bring their combined idea together. It was different from when a single author spends days writing out an imaginative piece. 


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