What have I been doing when I wasn't blogging? (#2)

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Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic
This I borrowed many light years ago from the local library, because its Douglas Adams. But I didn't get round to reading it until a few weeks ago. It was hilarious, not as brilliant as the Hitchhiker's Guide. It was imaginative piece of science fiction but not great. If i had to give it stars I would give it 2 for imagination and humor.

Story: A ultra- luxurious and a very technological advanced spaceship has been designed by the Leovinus Greatest Genius in the Universe. The job of constructing was giving to the Blerontin Government, instead of the Yassacans (who are by the way the best engineers on this side of the universe) due to some complications. The Blerontin people in turn employed the Amalgamated Unmarried Teenage Mothers' Construction Unit.As though that wasn't bad enough, they even compromised on budget and cut corners because the expenses were way too high. This has consequences- Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure(EMF) and other maladies. The book traces the journey the ship takes to earth, picks up a bunch of earthlings, cruises around a bit, then to the Yassacans planet, to earth again and back to Belrontin. It consists of crazy humor, bizarre characters and logic, super cool gadgets and lots of weird happy endings. Oh, apparently the author Terry Jones, wrote it in the nude! 



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