What have I been doing when I wasn't blogging? (Take#3)


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I went on a Courtney Summers marathon. 
I downloaded three of her book... Here are two of the three reviewed..(for now).
Cracked Up to Be

This one I've been wanting to read for ages, since I saw it on Goodreads. Finally I found an ecopy and devoured it. It was very engaging, specifically the protagonist who is the complete opposite of your everyday heroine one gets all chummy with.

Parker Fadley was Miss Popular once upon a time. She was a straight A student, grade A bitch, SUPER popular, cheer leading captain, dated the most popular boy in school..basically she had it all. And suddenly she didn't. The books tells the story of what happened in fragments, and her path to recovery. During the story she is stuck up and has made a goal of alienating people from her life. Did I mention, she is a total bitch to every character in the book, except her puppy Bailey.
I just didn't get what her problem was. So I read the book and found out. It was a good read, I enjoyed. But it was a super short one, less than 150 pages. The ending was concluding but too quick, it made the book so concise. I wish there was more to it, it wasn't a satisfactory one, it still left me wondering why Parker Fadley (heroine) was such a total bitch. I wasn't convinced, I guess I needed to spend more time with her.

Some Girls Are

This is the second one I gobbled up in 3 hours. This one was twice the size of Cracked up to Be. It obviously had me hooked, because I've never finished a book in one sitting. There were several powercuts n between, but I read it till my laptop battery nearly died.

Regina Afton, opens the book with a dramatic monologue of the drunken night that made everything go wrong. Everybody but Regina got drunk and was put under the ultimate test of her social life. Popularity means EVERYTHING at school. So when Regina gets dropped out and becomes the new prey for the gang of obnoxious teen bullies life becomes miserable. Its bad enough she has eating disorders and bruises to cover, books at the pool and meat in your locker just adds to miseries. This story as opposed to Cracked up to Be was longer, and indulged in the nightmare that Regina survived. After reading this, suicide because of bullying and peer pressure made SO much sense. Courtney seems to be picking up, touchy everyday topics and putting it out there brutally. Her heroines are never perfect and never nice, their flaws aren't stupid and easy to and can't be fixed by some good ol' lip action.
When I had a brief affair with high school drama, I always thought about why people never wrote about the popular girls- I mean everyone has a story to tell. The looser-to-winner ones were so cliche and tiresome. And Voila- Some Girls Are. 
All of the characters are so unbelievably stuck up, so stuck up that I wish they would just kill themselves already. But sadly no one did. Everybody just leads damages lives...
A very absorbing read, that kept me going for the end despite the tedious length I had to cover. The ending just like Cracked up to Be was so abrupt yet final. Like you wish the author would put me out of my misery already and wham there it is the end! No soft corners, just there..it isn't delved upon unlike all the misery..*sigh*..

If you haven't :
read Courtney Summers
think bullying and popularity are exaggerated issues of easy to deal with
want to read about the popular people's stories
Go for it! 



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