Maxi's making the waves this summer

So with summer here in full blast, well despite the periodical rains the general weather is hot. So everyone's pulled out their summer best. For a long time I thought it was a special skill to detect fashion trends, lol especially to beat it before it turned popular and was EVERYWHERE. This time I got hooked to maxi dresses and floral prints via Weheartit before it got here, surprise surprise they are everywhere now. Not so much maxis on people, but in stores yeah. Even jeans are becoming icky for the summer. So I've been eyeing a lot of them lately, just haven't got around to picking up one. Because I am super fussy about summer dresses and with a tiny figure, it easy for clothes in the non-kids section to sag on you and look *scrunches noses up*..u get the idea?
So here are some summer pretties I liked..

These are from the MANGO collection

Tail hems are so cute! I love them so much!

Summer maxis, the blue one is carried off sooo well! 

And there is this other side called Free People, it doesn't allow you to copy the pictures, unless you have the patience to work around that and get yourself one. Must see, they have a fine Limited Vintage Collection which cost a bomb, it runs into like 20k, which in my opinion is a crazy price! Here is one pic I sneaked into my blog..

Free People Anas Limited Edition White Summer Dress, $600.00 %

So over time, I developed this Vintage fetish, which vaguely runs parallel to my History topic with is America in the early 19 century to the end of the century. So a bit of the Jazz Age, flappers and their doesn't stop there..some of the eras here and there in time like the Hippies in Britain also have pretty vintage maxi inspiration.. So I found Sammy Davis, who runs a thrift store in Canada and has her own web page and facebook page that I diligently  ardently follow. Below are pictures of two of the many dresses she put up pictures of on her page and I love so much. Here is her Facebook page...and there you can find a link to her web portal.


Maybe next time, if I'm patient enough, I shall do some research and put together a more insightful post with historic tidbits post related to pretty maxis. Meanwhile let me know what you think of maxis and share with me your maxi/vintage loves! 


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  1. This is a great post! I love everyone of those dresses and I kinda want some ice cream now lol :) New follower!

    Cierra @ Books Ahoy & Blogovation Design

    1. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and following, haven't seen any comments on my page for a while. lol cuz I've been too busy and lazy to post on a regular basis. Glad you liked it. :)


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