Bangalore Jam: Meet Chumbak! (#2)


"Bring out the bread and get your spread of 
Saturday Jam!"

Greeting and Happy Saturday.
Quick Recap: The last time I did this feature was a year ago. I was so pumped about it, I stopped after one post.  
It was suppose to bring my blog back to life! Bleh, but it didn't.
Nevermind that. Now it is officially back!

For real.. yes I will be continuing this feature because I still love the idea so much! 
The Last Saturday this was launched dates back to Jan 14, 2012, which was when my first edition came out featuring the Drongographer.
Today I will be featuring Chumbak! :)

Hmmm...I discovered Chumbak at Crossword (books store in Bangalore) piled up in a basket. There was an assorted range of funky looking coasters, charms and wrapping paper. I LOVED them, they were hilarious and adorable. I picked up a set of coaster to gift my friend's parents for Diwali. 
And then I looked it up on Google and they had a website and this whole trove of other things. They've grown a lot since I found them. My memories are vague, but I remember telling a couple of my friends about Chumbak. Now I stalk the site frequently and keep putting them on my wishlists. When I planned this feature, Chumbak came up and here they are.
What is Chumbak all about? 
The idea of Chumbak started as an expression of our love for travel. Each time we traveled, we brought back a piece of that place in the form or a fridge magnet or some small knick knack. While researching the Indian souvenir market, we found that it didn't offer much in terms of creativity in its products. Which was really surprising, since India has so much to offer by way of expression and culture. Being a first generation entrepreneur, we soon realized the market was not limited to tourists and travelers. Young Indians were also looking for products that truly represent their generation. The wanted products that represented India and at the same time, design that they would relate to. So Chumbak was born :)

How did you come with the name Chumbak?
We intially wanted to do only Magnet. Chumbak means Magnet in Hindi.
"chumma (kissing)+ bak (stone)"- Pool Magazine (December)

Who are the people behind Chumbak?
Shubra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar (who is often referred to as Darth in Chumbak blog posts!)


What does Team Chumbak like to do for fun?
We honestly don't have much time being a start up, but we're pretty normal when it comes to fun.:) We make time out and movies and just relax. Ask us this question in about 5 years. :)

What do you love most about Namma Bengaluru?
The weather! (who doesn't?! I think we should have been named God's own country instead of Kerala)
Nirvana Cow Mouse Pad

 An activity/place, unique to Bangalore, that you would recommend?
Koshys for some awesome relaxed atmosphere and some yummy food.

What do you think of Chumbak? 
Log onto  to see and buy some of the stuff they make. 

Thank you Team Chumbak for being a part of this feature,
and thank you audience for stopping by.
Until next Saturday! 

Got any ideas? Want to be featured or know someone who can be, drop a line on my facebook page page.
Note: Person to be features has to be Bangalorean or must know enough of  Bangalore to share their thoughts. 

Sources for interview: An email interview+ Chumbak blog+ magazine interview  


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