10 Things You Need to Know About Divergent (the Movie)

Disclaimer, if you have not watched the movie I recommend you do no proceed.

1. Do not read/hear any reviews or summaries of the movie before you watch it. Its worth the suspense building. Ignorance can truly be bliss. 

2. Do not underestimate the power of a physically weak, headstrong, American blonde (were you stereotyping?) girl! 

3. Emotions triumph science. 

4. It is okay to have bad hair days, even if it's 7 times a week. 
(Take that beauty activists who think media has an adverse effect on perceptions of beauty!) 

5. Democracy and liberalism always have room for fascism and communism. At least when it comes to fiction set in a time where Americans live in factions (something like the Indian caste system).

6. Darr ke agee jeet hai..oh wait, that is Mountain Dew! Darr ke pitchey divergent hain! (Divergence can cause fear) 

7. Kate Winslet can be badass, more badass than letting Jack drown. 

8. Boys totally get free independent women. However they like to be gentlemen (who said chivalry was dead?!), they like to protect their women. Sometimes you must allow them to.

9. On a serious note, stand up for what your believe in, no matter the consequences. Even if it at one point it feels like you are the only one who cares and can look beyond what you see. Every revolution needs a visionary. It needs a divergent! 

10. While they make the sequels, go read the book. 


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