Travelogue: The Maldives (part 1)

The sea plane that took me from Male Airport to Kuredu Island

Between May-June 2014, I spent 6 weeks in the Maldives. During my time there I blogged all about my adventures on a sister blog I created to pen down my travel adventures. It wasn't a big success, so after a lot of procrastinating, I finally decided to revive my original blog and so here is a re-blog of what I had typed up in real time back then along with,previously not included, pictures.  I really had to resist the urge to make edits, so this is a no- edits to the content re-post. Once I have re-posted everything here, I will delete the other blog. 

25th May, 2014 
Titled: Las Maldivas

The Maldives if you look closely at a map you will notice how the islands resemble a long necklace. Nearly all of it is water and a very small % of it is land, which what you will also notice whilst examining this map. Geographically the Republic of Maldives is made up of 25 'atolls'; the word 'atoll' refers to a group of islands. Fun fact: There are about 1190 islands in the Maldives.

So out of these 1190: you have 2 kinds: local islands inhabited by the people and resort islands which are also inhabited by people but not necessarily native. The latter are for purely commercial purposes. A third kind I want to add is an airport island. I find it fascinating how the airport is an island on its own. So you have Male City and Male airport. So once you get off your airplane (which if you are coming from another country is the only way to get here, at-least the sensible one) you take a ferry to the island of your choice. I am still learning the names of the islands here, so more on that later.

Kuredu Island Resort is one island that falls into the second category. And this, my compatriots is where my life-long dream of travelling the world begins. Haha, no I am kidding that journey began a while back. It is the first journey this blog will begin with.

This blog is not only an attempt to record my travelling but also a way to work on my writing as it is something I eventually intend to make a career out of. So treat this like a forum, leave me a comment, feedback, query, appreciation. I look forward to contribution from the other side of cyber space as well.

I will end this post with some advice for you, read carefully if you are also one of the people who wants to travel the world (same boat scenes):start travelling now. Regardless of your age because once you start instead of dreaming and planning,it will all happen much faster than you sitting down and making circles on the calendar. Especially if you are a student, make the most of every little opportunity because as a student it is possible to travel super cheap.In today's day and age you can travel (find food and shelter) in exchange for work, which is kind of what I am doing. However if not internship you could also register for volunteer programs. Okay nuf said.


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