How to judge a movie by its trailer? #2

The title

This one has a tag line too- "Drugs di Ma di" and I thought whaaaaaa, could be one of those Singh is King types which are hard to dis as awful but also cheer on and go yes that's the kind of films people should be watching. So after spotting the poster trending on Twitter, I went and looked for the trailer. 


Shahid Kapoor-                    check 
Alia Bhatt                               check
Kareena Kapoor Khan         check

Diljit Dosanjh.                       who? 


It doesn't do much justice to the trailer but it does help place pull the setting and characters together! (Yes I totally fancy-fied it, that's how much I already like the film)


From the first scene of the trailer itself, it begins to build up on the plot. Introduces each character, snippets of a potential plot, point of the plot and then begins to weave connections. Amazing! True trailer skills. A+ for trailer. 


Punjab, it begins by comparing Punjab to Mexico, no points for guessing the link! 
This had me hooked already, not only because that is hilarious but also because the background score has a very Punjabi tune which is placed strategically to imitates heart rhythms and consequently built up the intensity. By the end of the movie, when all the characters have been revealed... 


Definitely watching this one!  
17th June, I am have a film to look forward to! I am also going to,now, hunt down Diljit's career till date in Punjab as an actor and musician


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