Here is my awesome intro

twirl- Claudia Cardinale by Alfred Eisenstaedt:
which I might consider posting on my about page. 

Often times, when I want to view my blog and think of ways to improve it I google it and observe how quickly it shows up, which posts. how it looks to a third person and so on. Of course sometimes, when I half type things and get half auto corrected I end up finding other kiwis and kiwi people, mostly from New Zealand and their blogs and travelogues. So this time I decided to document and take advice from one such finding.

Runaway Kiwi is run by (haha) Rebecca who ran away from New Zealand to London and started her life all over again. True inspiration in an era of unhappy beginnings, uncertain in betweens and let's not even talk about endings. Here are 5 of her post title reasons why you should: 

1. This is how she deals with aging 

2. She has some things to say about the politics

3. She isn't too far of the mark with her comparisons and life analogies

4. The inside of her head, make yours feel so normal 

5. Her advice inspires you to get blogging



Manisha is a writer, thinker and a dream based life form who is constantly traveling in search of inspiration for a potential story line which she hopes to type into a book some day. For now she divides her time between writing in her diary, her blog and magazines. A dependable friend, a curious stranger, with an uncanny ability to eat and appreciate large quantities and varieties of food at any point in the day. Usually found perched beside a cup of coffee, a cello or a book. 


She makes a legit point in her blog post about (why) you need to write yourself an awesome intro, in fact one day when I develop the music ability to I will convert this into lovely lyrics, put a melody to it and use it as a life soundtrack. 

So that was my awesome intro, do you have one? 


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