Packing Hacks, cats edition

There a million blogs and websites that offer a ton of travel advice; infographics even, so I wondered if I should even post this. So here is a compilation of the ones that worked best for me. But then I realized hmm no one has put cats and packing information in the same post, or have they? 

For check-in baggage

Could this kitten be any fluffier?!: 1. Make lists
If you like me cannot bring yourself to pack until the night before your flight, worry not you can make that work. So all those times your waiting at the doctor's clinic, waiting for your friend to get ready, that long metro ride and your just opening and closing apps (because people ONLY message when your actually busy or napping) use this time to make lists on your phone. I use Google lists because it allows me to "cross" things off which is so fun. So mentally imagine your wardrobe and pick out what you want to carry, where are the possible places it could be (in your cupboard, laundry, under that pile on the chair and so on) and how much effort will go into locating it.

Happy Kitty: 2. Roll and wrap
You've seen it as a meme, you've seen it as an infographic and if your on Pintrest as a pin! If you have not, lo and behold- the gem of all packing techniques. Barring blazers, formal trousers, dresses and skirts everything else can be rolled and wrapped. Do it! Don't wrinkle your nose in distaste, of course now with all the extra space you can fit in an iron box! Unless of course your going to stay at a hotel that can provide you with one at no extra charge.

3. Limit your make up and toiletries
You do not need every single lip shade you own and all your spa day scrubs and creams. It's only a few days. If it's longer (say over 2-3 weeks then just buy new ones at the destination, it's cheaper than paying excess baggage. Take my word).
Another trick is not to carry the entire bottle, pick up those clear tubes and jars you get at Health&Glow or Marks and Spencer's and use those instead. They are much lighter than the original packing and limit the quantity your carrying to exactly how much you will need.

Tongue cat: 4. Make compartments
So put your underwear in a bag or box (no squares and rectangles), your shoes in covers, your toiletries in pouches and bags and MOST IMPORTANT liquid soaps and lotions in cling film so it doesn't leak and make a mess. This great because now you will also remember where you put what.

5. Carry essentials only!
This means those pants that go with everything, solid colored t-shirts, one LBD and maximum two pairs of shoes. Everything in your suitcase should work, no experimenting, make deliberate choices. Do not waste space. It's a plus if the clothes you pick can be worn even without ironing.

Hand carry

 : 6. Always carry hand luggage! 
I know there are some people out there who like to "keep their hands free" but believe me this helps spread out the weight. Moreover most flights allow women to carry a hand purse AND an additional bag as hand luggage. For men laptop bags AND an additional bag as hand luggage. So why waste the space?

7. Avoid packing any kind of liquid in your hand carry. 
.If you absolutely must (especially for international flights) then make sure they are lesser than 100ml (and stated on the tube) and all in one clear bag. Of course one doesn't realize what an absolute necessity this is until your frisked, scrutinized and frowned upon endlessly at Heathrow Airport.

8. This might sound obvious but avoid sharp objects and liquids like perfumes. It's such a pain to be pulled aside at security check and then have to empty your bag for one tiny nail clipper or a half (but large) bottle of your favorite fragrance you thought you could slide through.

You are ignoring me!9. Put all your electronics in one space- wires, laptops, tabs- the works. It simplifies security check. The bottom line, the more organised you appear the nicer people are to you!

10. Most important keep your wallet, passport, ticket and money (not all of it) in one easily accessible place. Separate your hand carry baggage into two: one for essentials and one for spreading out your luggage.

Here are links to some other sites that offer travel advice, I've divided them based on how involved you need to be with every stage of the packing, how much pre-planning it requires and how much effort it takes to read and process the post.




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