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5 things I learned since I began Graduate School

1. How to Move out
You know how ever since you watched American sit-coms and had a curfew system set up you just really badly wanted to move out. And then got cold feet as you grew older and realized what that entailed...yeah. So I learned how to do that. Moved out, out of my home town, country...continent in fact. So now I pay my bills, my rent, cook for myself, build my own furniture, pack my own lunches, wake up on time and so on.  FUNNN! 

2. When to Stop using your brain 
...and trusting my intuition.  Pft!  You will always need your brain guys and heart and gut. There comes  a brief period in your life when you are often times looked down upon sighed and told "how naive". Followed by "immature" that quickly morphes into "idealist". Loosing steam become skeptical and in some cases cynical. Some would describe this as adulthood. I would call it, loosing brain function, from conscious brain-gently and steadily. So I say to you, you don't always have to t…